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The randomest random post

Again I find myself idle. It’s only today though, and I find myself looking around in the mess of my room. I swear, tommorow I’ll clean it up.But today, I’ll relish the fact that I am doing practically nothing.

Maybe it’s time to rest.  It doesn’t hurt to do this once in a while. they say its healthy.  Lately, all I have done is work.

I get to the office and work. In my break time, I work. I get home I work. Workaholic much? Actually, I am tempted to work now

I miss fangirling with girls.

I want a kumyoung karaoke machine.

Ne, let’s sing….

I think I’ll stay brainless today. it’s fun.

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Boku wa Kuma

This song was in my head the whole day today. 🙂

It’s so cute! I love it! It’s from Utada Hikaru. She wrote it. Sang it. I just adore it.

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Word of The Day : 100 Words Challenge

the-power-of-words A good friend challenged me today. He said that I should try blogging using new words at least once a day. Kind of like a word challenge. So I gave it some thought and was convinced that this might be the solution to the chronic writer’s block that I am getting. Maybe some brain exercise won’t be that bad.

So I have set the mechanics for this challenge and anyone is free to join me. 🙂


Basically the challenge will go a little something like this:

  • Challenger will get a word from either one of these sites/ widgets:
  • Words could be in  ENGLISH or YOUR CHOSEN LANGUAGE. Just as long as you could provide the link to the dictionary  meaning of said word.
  • Challenger would write a short blog about 100 words or so inspired by the word.
  • Writers should NOT repeat words.
  • Challengers should at least try to write a blog a day, but if not, it’s alright as long as they finish the 100 word challenge.
  • Challengers should make a master post/page on their blog progress of their Challenge.
  • Challengers should use words they don’t already know or are very familiar with.
  • Have fun learning and share with other challengers by commenting on the blogs of other challengers.

If anyone wants to join me, its open. I’ll be starting on Monday. 🙂 Let me know alright?

If I get a lot of challengers I’ll make a master page for this game!

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Thoughts on a Friday Morning

  • I have accepted the fact that it maybe fate, or it may be God’s Humor that we have this president. Maybe I have not looked beyond my biases because I still believe that GT was a better man for the job. But seeing this situation as it is, I know things are going to be different in the next 6 years. I am hoping this is for the better – not for the worst. But I will be vigilant in my watch.
  • I am proud of the Green Movement and all of the greenies that have come together for this cause. There is still a lot to do. I am hoping that this motivation and inspiration fires me on. First mission is up. Let’s see how we fare.
  • Our office audit dawns upon us on Monday. My father told me that I was to sit in the audit room with the auditors. Hopefully, that would be the case. Not all of the people in the office think that I am brilliant. 🙂 They still treat me like a child. But, I am not a child anymore. I am aware of what is happening to the company, I am definitely NOT naive. I’d like the company to stay for another 35 years- God-willing, and I hope and pray that things will be alright
  • My weight-loss and healthier me program is doing great. I actually fit into one of my skirts that I havent fit into in a long time. Yet, I am far from ideal.  But the point is, I am proud of myself.I havent had a 28 inch waist in a long time. 🙂
  • I have to start working hard again. I let myself slip the past few days. Exhaustion? Maybe. Burn Out. Yes. 😦
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Dinosaurs, Funerals, Election Circus and Whatchamacallits

I wanted to skin a dinosaur today. What kind? The one that resides in the office. He’s about 60 years old, with balding hair and a blank expression on his face. He clearly knows not what he does, and makes grown men cry.  He has a talent for making people think theyre getting on a ship when in fact they cant. I am annoyed frustrated and ugh… I don’t want to say anything else… I just had a confession. Let’s just say that everyone in the office (not to mention the crew) would actually want to mutiny against him.

Poor cadet, he told him that he wasn’t included in the line up. He scared the poor kid. But the kid was included in the list (yet he told him otherwise) I would God, forgive him for he know not what he was doing… 😦


We got profit sharing today. WOOT! ❤ put more money in the bank. Of course, for the future of the Maria clan.


Macky’s dad’s wake was today. I went with Martin. It was more of a reunion than a wake. Saw a lot of Bene friends. Macky was there, of course, Tadz and wife, Doods,  JL Lopez, OJ, Joseph Ortiz and a person called Orbs. (who apparently was an upperclassman in CSA)  It was fun catching up with them.

I wish we could see each other more often. It would rock if it does happen like that. These people are cool.


Philippines, your election circus has once again succeeded in annoying me. It’s bad enough that your posters are clogging up nice clean walls,  but today, I experienced a different kind of traffic jam.  I experienced a candidate/s who got a marching band to cause traffic as I was on the way to mackys.

  1. The roads in the area were small and crowded.
  2. It was a HIGH Traffic prone area.
  3. I hate traffic

These three reasons made me so irate earlier. 😦 If you want to run, solve the traffic jam problem please, dont cause it. UGH.



Ai and Zim succeeded in their first month of invading the world.