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Painting this lady on hotpress paper

Grey and Pink
Grey and Pink watercolor on 300 gsm  hotpress paper A5 size

The painting on the right, tentatively titled Grey and Pink was created on Hotpress Watercolor paper. It was my first time working on this type of paper and the experience was– a learning experience.

Hotpress paper is a lot smoother and thicker and really opaque, you can’t use any light box underneath so either you transfer your drawing on to the paper with carbon paper or a similar technique with tracing paper or use an art projector which i used for this one. You can directly draw on the paper as well but you hve to be careful with erasing lines… its not as it feels that it roughens up if you erase too much. Unlike coldpress paper which has the slight ridges its more durable to pencil work.

Anyway, what i noticed with this paper is that it doesn’t puddle the water,  and it doesnt soak in the pigment and it dries FAST.The water stays on the paper only  allowing for some blending time, . Layering was hard on this, since i was used to blending on paper on coldpress paper, which has more tooth and  can puddle water and allow for some more bleding time. I am now thinking of using Gum arabic to help a little with painting on Hotpress, but i am not sure.

Using, some transparent washes helped on creating more depth. I also tried to use alcohol and other media to create the interesting effects and experiement on this paper.

On the flipside, Hotpress paper also produces some vivid colors on little paint  and it gives it interesting edges and lines when painitng,

I am used to painting on coldpress, So i was thinking i could layer on this, but this was hard to do on hotpress. Its a great one for quick paintings, because it dries fast, and its really really smooth, which I like. I just need to learn how to control the paint on it.

Does anyone else paint on Hotpress? If so, can anyone share tips? I would love it

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Painting at the Beach

CabanaHi! I’ve been on vacation and so I just managed to come here today at Easter to say HI! I also announced the winners of my contests (which I still have to finish their prizes sometime) and I really am grateful for all the support. I just feel thankful that I finally am getting somewhere with my art.

Anyway as you see with the picture on the left, I went out and painted at the beach. It was a good experience and I did fail a lot but i had a lot of fun and learned things that I needed to work on like perspective and a lot more. It was great also to paint on location, and have a different environment.

I should do that more often. Just get out there and paint.

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SakuraIt’s Cherry Blossom Season!

I wish I was back in Japan enjoying walks in Ichigaya. The cherry blossom lined streets, the easy walk from my office to the station or to the grocery, bundled up in warm clothes, boots and just simply watching the scenery go by. These are days I miss. It’s only a memory, but I am so glad I took the time to appreciate it. I find myself looking back at those memories often, grateful that I had days like those.

Now, reality bites (quite hard). And I barely have time to rest. The time I get to draw and paint – is my sleep. I am whiling away my worries. Perhaps, this is how it is to grow older and at my age – it seems alone. Yes, I feel lonely. Emptiness that I deserve after turbulent years. But this silence, this aloneness I am grateful for. It’s peace.

I am contented. Knowing that I will never be alone even if I am single. Because I have strong foundations and roots to HIM. My forever friend.

I am happy.

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Cats, Watercolor and Studio

For all intents and purposes, I didn’t die. Not yet at the very least and I am very much creatively alive. Perhaps too much as I have neglected this blog for a few months. Wait, I didn’t even have a new year update. Right.

Mochi  Colored Pencils (Prismacolor Premiere) Owner Brian Shaw
Colored Pencils (Prismacolor Premiere)
Owner Brian Shaw

Well just so you guys know, I finished the cat.Its my first attempt at anything furry and fluffy, which makes me very happy that it turned out this ok. Mochi is my friend’s cat — Brian Carrera Shaw , a great photographer. If you click his name, it takes you to his photography and believe me, some of the things he’s shown me has blown me away and inspired a lot of my current work.

He’s also a car enthusiast and has about a bajillion diecasts and is into fashion photography. Great photographer, great petowner, great guy all in all. Check out his work on the link up there and hit him up if you want pictures taken or have a project.

Setting that aside, I have moved. (So that was my excuse to not update at all) I have a completely new home, completely new place. and new studio which makes me so happy.

New Marikit StudiosLook at all the pretty cabinets and green furniture! I still have a lot to improve but i have done some great work in that studio.  It’s  just a space for ME which I am grateful for. I believe that creative space is really needed for creatives. Their own workspace will work to facilitate thought processes unbarred by other opinions. Since that is their space its their world.

Anyway, seeking for a revamp of the studio, the blog and a lot of other things. Ive been alive, pretty much on my Facebook if you want to see more updated stuff.

Talk to you again soon!

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A Rant and Mochi, the cat

marikit studios

First of all, I guess some more learned people have read my blog and frankly disagrees with some of the things I have said here. I do know that I am in no way an expert and am still learning about the craft. I am merely sharing what I know and yes if what I say is “RIDICULOUS” then it must be so, but I know this : My blog has helped a lot of people and I will continue to write this blog to help other artists learn more.


1908161_844994755552131_7492325034892898035_nNow that I got that off my chest, I haven’t blogged in a while right? Well, perfectly good reason for that. Things had started to become crazy in the office! But then, I have never forgotten about art.

Lately, I have started to rekindle my love for colored pencils and decided that I should conquer my fear of drawing…

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