What is Little Miss Marikit?

  • Little Miss Marikit @ WordPress is the be all end all and the consolidation of all blogs under marikit webs.
  • It is Maia’s Personal blog.
  • It is NOT a fanblog
  • It is spazzing, random thoughts, expressions, keysmashes and emoticons.
  • It is the daily life of Ms. Marikit
  • It is ranting and raving and everything in between
  • It is NOT a gossip column. ( though there may be tidbits)
  • It is pure unadulterated random thoughts of a 30 year old Princess
  • It is a dreamer’s blog
  • It is idealistic, positive and strong
  • It is geeking it out and loving it
  • It is NOT trolling.
  • It is NOT biased or prejudiced.
  • It is me.

This is my journal, love it or leave it.


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