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The Power of Stock Knowledge


Little Drops of water can wear away stones.

Saturday was my Japanese Language Assessment Exam at MLC. I was both excited and scared at the same time because it was the first time I will get really tested on my Japanese Language Skill by a professional. Plus, the fact that I knew that I will get by only with my current stock knowledge kinda freaked me out.

I almost didn’t make it. Saturday was annoyingly busy. I had leftover work (the Senpai calling for some workrelated shiz that can’t wait), I was busy with chores and I simply was exhausted from the last week. (I’ve had this tired feeling for a while now). But I managed to get out  and got there in the nick of time.  よかった!

I sat down for the assessment. Ms. Okuda was kind and nice. She reminded me of my Sensei in college. I also spoke to her in Japanese. She was pleasantly surprised. I filled out the information sheet and we got to work on the LEVEL CHECK.

In the end, I was surprised with myself. I could understand most things already. I needed to review a few things (proper usage/ grammar  and conjugation) but I was mostly there. Kanji of couse was more difficult, but I could understand a lot of the advanced ones already as well. (Thank you RTK). Ms. Okuda wanted me to start in the advance class – but looking at the material freaked me out (the amount of kanji in that was insane) and I knew that I wont be ready even if I cram all kanji into my head before July.

So I chose the intermediate class/ business japanese.  It starts July. But before that, sensei advised that I cram kanji into my head.

SO….here we go!!






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