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[日本語勉強] 3: When Babbling becomes Understanding

Fujiwara Yuuki of THIA
Fujiwara Yuuki of THIA

I used to stare at pages like these in magazines I have bought throughout the years.  I would try to make sense out of it and rely on the understandng of Translations from online sources. It was good enough for me. I relied on Google Translate, Babelfish, Excite Translate and a bazillion of other references. And I did pretty well, with my good grasp of the English Language and some knowledge of Japanese, I tried my best to make sense of things on my own.

I thought that was fine.

Until I learned how to read Kanji by myself.  Imagine my joy when I stared at the characters I was staring at for a long time and words and images form in my head. Imagine the feeling of finally being able to grasp the kana and kanji together.  I was more than ecstatic. It was better than an orgasm. (SorryXD) I felt like I have achieved something from hours and hours of drilling which I thought went nowhere. But, my head has finally processed the information and I could actually read about 70% of that page.

The rest, I figured out with Yomiwa app, which defines the kanji for me when I write it on my iPhone.

Now, I am a step into my dream of fluency.

Also, I almost cried the other day when I listened to a song and for the first time understand the full gist of it, along with the emotions and all the nuances. >.> I did what I do to ENGLISH songs and Filipino songs, which was amazing. Its not just blabber and music. I don’t listen to it just because I like how it sounds.

tumblr_n1tz4k0g1D1slurmmo2_1280I listen and understand

This is a videotaped radio show by THIA ( a group that I am into) and I started writing down on evernote what they were saying. I had to play and repeat several times but I really got it this time.

I used to do this before, but I feel that now, with this new grasp I have I could understand better.

I laugh out loud now at things I actually understand from the get go. I dont just stare at Mio’s face (OK, I still do, but yeah… I actually understand what he’s saying). I am so happy!

I know I have a long way to go, but I will do this. This makes me more encouraged to learn and to go forward.

And.. at least I get my fangirl fix. hehe




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