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[日本語勉強] 1: A Step into Fluency

Kanji KanjiIt’s been a couple of months since I started learning Japanese and I thought it would actually be nice if I started recording my journey into fluency. I am studying in ENLI for two days a week and everyday I  torture study cram Kanji in my head to learn how to read faster.

My current level is such: I am an Elementary Learner (or my teacher even said Advanced Elementary). They want me to skip N5 entirely and go with N4 or challenge myself to N3. I have  a year to go — and a long way to learn so here is me trying to do it.

I can recognize about 500 kanji now more or less. Though reading them in tandem can sometimes be difficult because of the onyomi and kunyomi. But I know the meanings more or less. I am studying radicals, I can actually read tweets without much help sometimes and can easily translate blogs  of my favorite artists. I am trying daily to get faster and better.

With Conversation and Comprehension, I can more or less watch Dramas raw now. I dont get super technical terms but I can understand most things — and it makes me swell with pride once I try to talk to friends, c0-learners and they tell me that I really can keep up with them now.

But, there is still a long road ahead to fluency.  I have a lot of things to learn. Vocabulary is especially hard. Its like cramming a full dictionary inside your head. 2000 kanji for common use (Joyo) and lets not talk about the grammar.  Yet, I’ll move towards fluency. Its a dream I want to achieve — at least that.. I know I can do.

Ganbare atashi! Yume no tame ni…



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2 thoughts on “[日本語勉強] 1: A Step into Fluency

    1. Thanks Chirlind! i need to learn more. I want to be like you hehe…yeah, my sentences suck but I will practice more.

      Aside from kanji, I am also brushing up on my grammar on those notes but it will happen!

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