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J- Drama Update

LOST DAYS – hands down my favorite drama this season. It’s hip exciting and the story is compelling. Right now, I hate Satsuki ( that little…..) and Wataru is so creepy. I can’t wait for the next episode. And Renn feels go up the ROOF here. Such a great actor.

37 Sai de Isha ni Natta Boku – just finished it last night and I want to watch it again. Not only because it is such a feel good Medical Drama (which is kind of rare), I mean this really makes you want to go for it. Hikaru Yaotome did a splendid job and so did Renn (he actually made me hate him!) I think this goes on my TO WATCH AGAIN LIST.

Dr. DMAT – another Medical drama that I am enjoying. Ohkura Tadayoshi does an excellent job of a Doctor who seems to have lost his will – but he definitely has talent. Im only in ep 2 but im getting into it.

Shitsuren Chocolatier- is pretty cute. I still hate Saeko san XD but its a yummy little romance. And gosh !! Do I fangirl Mizukawa Asami (shes in about a lot of the dramas I LOVE!)

Next on my watch list: the one with Nakamura Aoi (Nazo something) and IRYU Season 4 ( yup theyre in India this time) I also have to finish Clinic on the Sea, Kagi nai kakkata heiya…

ANd it seems next season SPRING 2014 is full of detective drama … theres no medical on my list as of now. >.>

Oh and has anyone seen Ashita Mama Ga inai? Looks like a tear jerker.. also Boku no Ita Jikan(miura haruma) I also want to try Dark system.. is it any good?




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