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JLPT Adventure: February update

So it’s not so easy. cramming kanji in my head can be addicting as well as exhausting. I have been wondering why I feel so sleepy all the time lately and I think I found the reason why. I can’t stop studying. I feel that if I lose my step now, I will lose all motivation — BUT, on the contrary, I feel so exhausted.

I am averaging 20-35 kanji a day as opposed to planned 50. At least, I find that there’s progress. I still write on Raito (my journal) daily, making him my writing practice as well as kanji learning diary. I learn new words everyday.. I try to read as much kanji daily (ameblo/ twitter) and I am on page 10 of a book called puppy (ko inu) on wakaru. I am learning I think.

My professor also started to let me write on the white board. by which i should really get my whiteboard and study there. ( I have so much paper wasted!) I got most of the kanji, and realized though I can read it, I need to remember how to write it. I began learning radicals – i think breaking it down IS the best way to learn it.

So far, I know at least 300++ kanji. I can recognize their sounds — but reading takes time.

Downloaded a bunch of stuff for Japanese learning too. I hope I can utilize them all.

And I do need to take a breather sometime. TO SLEEP.

I still watch dramas raw. ( I think my listening comprehension tops my reading and writing by miles). I’m into Lost Days, Dr. DMAT and Shitsuren Chocolatier lately. And I still attempt to translate tweets and blogs.

Learning Japanese is a full time thing. I have 298 days to go. ANd I haven’t decided whether to take N4 or N3 yet.  My teacher says to definitely skip N5. But, somehow, I don’t know. I just want to advance.

Though it is exhausting, I think… I am stepping towards my goal.
Now, if only I can be this disciplined with food too. Then, everything will be perfect.



by the way, did I mention it’s my birthday tomorrow?



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