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A Hard Boiled Love: Renn Kiriyama


It’s been a long time since I last felt this familiar surge of fangirly feelings. The last I think was with Mio Acaba and Taito Hashimoto who are still my babes, and Ichinose Hidekazu is still my husband. But, I cannot ignore this sudden burst of fangirly love for Renn Kiriyama.

Sure he isnt as hot or as cute as the other guys. But this guy can definitely act. All the roles I have seen him in — and I have seen quite a few. He has been downright convincing.

He was a brilliant Inui Kai in Tokyo Ghost Trip and though he was shorter than the other characters, he brought the nurturing big brother to life. 

A great Bunta in TeniMyu  Sorry Mio, you’re adorable but Renn’s Bunta was much more convincing, I think. He got the SWAG and Mio got the cute.

He was a cool Nanba senpai in HanaKimi 2nd Season. Though of course a bit pale in comparison to Hizushima Hiro, he really brought a different kind of twist to Nanba. To me this Nanba was more loveable and cute. The way Renn should be.

As Kirin, in Tadashi Ouji Tsukurikatta, Renn played the playful and crazy freespirited boy who transformed into a wonderful prince. He really made me laugh there

As Hidari Shoutaro in Kamen Rider W (the role that totally convinced me that Renn is a keeper), he was funny and yet he convinced me that he was sort of a “hard boiled” detective that he has repeatedly claimed to be.  I cried with him, my heart broke with him and totally loved each scene with him. It’s just a pleasure watching him onscreen as he improved and gave his all each scene. 

I saw him in Bit parts in MONSTER, Reset and more and he did play a lot of good roles. 

I  saw him in SWITCH GIRL last night, and him as Arata made my heart beat so fast that I had to stop watching for a bit to calm myself. XD Oh Renn, what do you do to me!? Even 

Even in his Off mode, Renn is still absolutely adorable

Even now, I am following his New drama Lost Days with Seto Koji and Yoshizawa Ryo and Wataru there always made me nervous. He is just an effective actor who can make all his roles come to life. I mean, I just think Renn is so dedicated to acting that it shows in his roles. 

Hmm.. I still yet have to find LDK and Run60 to watch it. Also Honboshi. I have shibatora but I have to rewatch it for the Igarashi parts.  But rest assured, I shall update this tribute to my Hard Boiled Crush: Renn Kiriyama. 



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