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Ink Tutorial: Inking Overview

Been a while since I last did this.

marikit studios


So lately I have been into inking. I have been doing this series, The Rozen Maiden dolls fanart completely in inks and I have been enjoying learning about the different types of inking and relearning techniques that I have learned from High School. I have always admired the people who can convey their art in inks — whether western or Manga comic art. So I decided to drabble on it on my own to find my own signature inking style. So far,  it’s been productive and here are things that I have made with just my pens and ink. ( and a little help of copic toning colors)


inked ladiesClick to see the bigger Picture


Pretty don’t you think? Inking is either an artist’s habit or one’s waterloo, but it is an essential skill to be learned in comic art. Knowing how and where to put your…

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This is Marikit's Sketchpage filled with WIPs, Finished work, doodles, scribbles about my original ideas, fanart and more from this self-taught artist. Marikit is a self-taught artist learning more about art and the world around her.

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