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King and I: A start to a Musical Year

307533_10152408449015085_869803947_nI really feel that this year is going to be magical — and I was right. I started the year with my first ever musical and I was transported to Siam. 

I have watched the King and I since I was a little girl. My dad is a musical lover so I got that from him. So when my brother told me that he was getting me tickets to the play as a Christmas present to me, Nanay and my sister, I was thrilled. Not only did he give us tickets — we were in VIP seats men! ❤ (Thanks, kapatid!)

I was floored.  To see it live in Resorts world was just wonderful. I loved the casting, the costumes, the characterization, the humor, the little gestures that the Philippine Cast did. And I was just blown away by how wonderful it is.

I was even surprised by the animatronic elephant and the children — the children just made me smile.

Everything was just so well put together.

I had to admit, my expectations of this musical was so-so being a Filipino production. I thought — and I was wrong– that it would be cheap. But I was ever so wrong- because from the get-go it was just a wonderfully made play. If this is the direction that Philippine theater is taking, then count me in. I will be 10000% supportive of the theater community from now on.

This is a good start to the year and I am hoping to see more plays this year.  KUDOS to the CAST and CREW Of KING AND I. I want to see it again!



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