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[J-Log002] Kochi Treasures

I finally had the chance to go around Kochi after a little work this morning.  It was a short work morning since I only got  to oversee provisions which is very important. Then first off to…

Ryoma Sakamoto Museum

Hello, Sakamoto Ryoma!

I finally got to learn about his life and what he is about. I understand that he was an advance thinker for his feudal society, which conservatives feared. He started the EightPoint Plan and was really a revolutionary of his time. To think he was a low ranked samurai of his time! He wanted a bloodless revolution which made him a target of many conservative thinkers who thought he was a radical thinker. So he suffered a violent assassination before his dreams were realized – but like many martyrs, that took effect immediately and it only took 5 years later to change Japan.

Oryo and Ryoma

He also was known for “Japan’s First Honeymoon” since he detailed his honeymoon with his beautiful wife, Oryo in a letter in which he was attacked by the bakufu. I find it amusing also that Ryoma from Prince of tennis was based on him (heheh)

here are some of the pictures of the Museum:

Ryoma’s Sword
the armor and a screen of Ryoma


A window including the painting and the screen with their blood on it from the night he was assassinated


I am definitely researching on him more. He is definitely a person I want to learn about.

Next up…


Sakamoto Ryoma Statue at Katsurahama

Up on the peak, facing the Pacific ocean they erected this monument of Ryoma (since he was born here) and this is where I enjoyed some local gelato (thanks Kumon-chan for the suggestion!)


After this, we went for lunch in..


my Zaruudon lunch set

Mugi-an is a small family run restaurant in Kochi near the industrial district but definitely serves up a delicious and filling meal. Since we were there on a Sunday, it was filled with families and small children. FUN TO WATCH

wahh Mugi-an

After that, it was off to…


5 level pagoda at Chikurinji

It is one of the 88 temples in Kochi which I am amazed about. It has been there 1200 years and still beautiful. My gosh. Iam so overwhelmed to see it I feel like I am walking on truly sacred ground.

beautiful greens in Chikurinji

the path was long and has a lot of steps but the walk was worth it. 😀


I got to experience it. 😀 So I really am very blessed to be here

though it is a different religion, the sense of GOD in this place, the simplicity of this place, makes me feel at ease.

After this, we did go to one last place…

Kochi-jo Castle

Kochijo Castle

A beautiful fortified castle which steps were designed for difficult climbing and easy going down. (Great defense) it is a great castle wich I couldnt begin to describe the wonder.  😀 History really is beautiful, I am so happy to be here.

It started to rain so we had to get back early, but before that, we had some coffee and

Mont blanc and Iced Cocoa

Cake! to celebrate my day off! ❤ also…


hehe he looks a bit like Yamada Ryosuke! XD Just something funny before I close.

Tomorrow is another work day. ^__^ looking forward to it