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[J-Log 001] Kochi, KOCHI!

Konnichiwa! I am finally here at the hotel resting after a good half day of work in preparation for the delivery of the maiden Vessel and maiden crew of CSM. I was sent to Japan a few days a ago to learn and oversee the delivery preparation of the Crew and ship and wow, it has been a good few days.

Let me give you a run down of what I’ve been up to the past few days.

DAY 1: Airplanes, Agents and Airports

I guess you could say that that was all I saw on July 19, 2012 when I flew to Japan for the first time. I was very excited and I could barely sleep the night before and soon I was off to NAIA at 3:30 AM. My first flight was at 6:00 AM  on Cathay Pacific which will take me to Hong Kong International Airport to await my flight to Kansai International Airport.  It was a good flight. I like Cathay right now because of the onboard entertainment. I got to watch America’s Next Top Model All-stars on my seat and I almost forgot about the time.

Hehe. I also liked thier JPOP cd/radio stations for onboard listening.I got to listen to Arashi, Kis-my-ft2, Bz, and others while flying. Good Job, CX!

After I landed in Hong Kong, I waited for my flight  to Kix and kind of mooched off the free internet/wifi there.My flight to Kansai was pleasant, which I took the time to take a short nap.

OSAKA! Here I am

In Kansai, I met my agent, Mr. Shigetoshi Oishi who helped me through immigration and was the first friend I made in Japan. He was a good agent and we got to talk about a lot of things and he also taught me about a lot of things about Osaka.  Mr. Oishi, thank you!

then I boarded the smallest plane I’ve ever boarded. It was a propeller plane which amused me so much. I  was seated near the propeller so it was a bit noisy, but it was a good flight going to Kochi, Japan where I will be staying for the next 5 days in Japan.

Propeller plane to Island of Kochi

See how pretty my view is? looking at it, I am amazed ! ❤

I landed in Kochi and was soon met by Capt. Quebral, Mr. Wakita and Mr. Nishimura who welcomed me warmly with a good chinese dinner in Shin Hankyuu Hotel.   I was tired because of teh flight the whole day, but it was definitely worth it.

DAY 2Seawoman?!

First day at Kochi

My first day at work.  I was excited to work so I actually woke up before my alarm started . I did go and get a good breakfast to get ready for office work.  However, I was pleasantly surprised that I was goign to see the ship as they prepared it.

So this is actually how i look like atwork:


Wahh! I look like an engineer and I think it’s a good look for me. I learned about the whole ship, its operations and the living conditions of the crew in one day. Though, it was only the beginning of my learning, I did gain a whole new level f respect for the seafarers who are boarding ships all around the world.

Working in very close confinement with 20 others, with limited communication, 24/7 work – it takes a full committment, psychological, spiritual, emotional strength that I could see in all of my crew. I could see their worries and some of their concerns when they are boarding the ship. I could also see where I could offer my service to them as a manning agent and as part of their family.

Safety first, and focus, constant communication is needed as well as good motivation is totally needed to boost the morale of our crew – especially this  one who is our first crew as a manning company. The work is never ending on a ship and I experienced first hand how tiring it is and taxing physically.   I was only there one full day but I felt like I was going to drop from exhaustion and heat – so imagine our seafarers who are working right now around the world. I salute them and thank my principal for allowing me to experience this so I could learn how to care for the crew better.Everything has a beginning and this is my beginning in learning how to take great care of our crew.

The evening was rewarded with Sushi, Sashimi and good company wiht Mr. Wakita and Mr. Tomita. I am grateful for these mentors who totally are committed to  to crew care and safety.

waiii.. kochi seafood is the best! ❤  what a beautiful plate of sashimi. Chuutoro that melted in my mouth.. 😀 I almost forgot to take a picture I was so excited to eat it. Kochi, thank you!


Day 3: A working Saturday

Tired as I was , I worked today happily to see the crew all almost prepared for their deliery. With light jobs only, we finished early so I got to go back to the hotel early. I spent it napping , reviewing and fixing some things here. I am truly blessed to be able to experience Japan like this.


In the evening my mentors picked me up for Yakiniku party. 😀 I really enjoyed it. We ate at Juju ten, a great restaurant in kochi and we got Wagyuu beef, veggies, and ebi. 😀 SOOO GOOD

Fire! While cooking!
Ebi Yakiniku WAHH!

Now, I am looking forward to my Sunday. I get to go to Kochi castle and more! ❤ Rest for me now and I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow!



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