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[52 Day Challenge] Day 17-24: Nearing the Halfway Point


Accountability time! It’s almost halfway point and I have a lot of things to report. Though I have not been faithful to blogging, I do believe I have been faithful to a lot of things that I promised to do in my 52 day challenge. I’ve been busy so to speak with trying to change everything that I set out to change and build my wall like Nehemiah 1-6 said. It’s a wall that would help me ward off the enemy, and keep me on a path that is good and always geared to the goodness of God.

So let’s see what I have been up to with regards to this and how I have been keeping up with it

Deepen my Faith and Personal Relationship with God

I have been good with reading my Bible daily and though I admit that life has been a little busy, I have been faithful at least to prayer. I pray everyday, asking the Lord for guidance. I feel closer to Him now, with a more personal relationship with Him. I feel that I could hear his voice more now and that is something I still wish to work on and deepen.
Lose Weight, Exercise more, be healthier
This was tough. I had to get the courage to actually start dieting and I admit that  it was probably the most challenging. But with God’s grace, I am now exercising more, I go to the gym, I willingly starve er DIET to lose the extra fat in my body. I choose to live a healthier lifestyle which admittedly feels good. But, sometimes, I do get tempted by my sweet tooth. Hehee.. but NO PAIN, NO GAIN.
Finish Creative Pursuits ( The Novel and several projects I need to finish)
With this I am very proud of myself. I am now about 20k words away from the end of my novel with a big 2nd book looming near in the future. The surprising thing is, I didn’t feel the pain of novel writing that I usually feel when I do these challenges. Once I got the ball rolling, my serious issue was when to stop myself from writing. (thus, forgetting this blog for a while). I started my novel and got to 50,000 words in about a week and a half. It was a  big accomplishment for me to do so. 
And I also returned to art, churning out a portrait of my Idol and some drawings in the process. At least, I am back to speed. I also find that I am beautiful when I write or draw and I feel that I am at my best when I am doing anything creative. It really is my passion.
Socialize and Connect with friends more.
I have been better with people since I started the challenge. I start to socialize more and talk to people, write e-mails and call people I used to talk to. I feel that I do have more friends now – or rather – more people I reconnected with. But, with this part, I need to still work on — I keep on going back into my shell of insecurity sometimes still.
Challenge myself more mentally.

I have learned a lot of new things since I started the challenge. I also found that I could read a bit more Kanji and Japanese characters faster than I did before. I know I need to challenge myself more to study and take the exam soon. My goal is to at leas master the Level5 kanji by the end of the 52 days.
AYIII. writing all of these encourage me to do more. 😀 with God’s grace and with my friend’s prayers I will totally make it all the way to 52 days. PRAY FOR ME!


A 30 something fangirl, writer, artist and dreamer, a princess by day and ninja by night who believes in magic, true love and wants to change the world one brush stroke at a time. Marikit is a self-taught artist learning more about art and the world around her.

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