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[52 Day Challenge] Day 4: Listening to the Still Small Voice

And after the earthquake a fire; but the Lord was not in the fire: and after the fire a still small voice. (1 King 19:12)

I visited a living and walking miracle today. Her name is Abby Acapuyan, a friend of mine from the Teatro Benito days. She is suffering from hyperthyroidism with complications that reached her pancreas, heart and kidney. I remembered her as being plump, bright-eyed and cheerful girl who always had a lot to say and was a very eager gal. We were not that close so I was surprised that when I heard about her condition from a common friend, I had an urgent calling to see her. I didn’t know what was so urgent that I actually made an appointment to do so. It was like someone whispered in my ear that I needed to do it – so I did.

The Miracle GalI got there and I just had a feeling that I was needed there. She came out thin, pale and weak. She needed the aid of her mother to come out to the living room where N and I were waiting. But her eyes said that she was happy to see me, I held tears back from my eyes as I hugged her. When we talked, she lost that old sparkle I remember but she was still Abby. Her mom told me about how Abby almost died the day they brought her to the Hospital. She was inches away from death – yet she stood before me as a living testimony to God’s power.

I shared to her that God still has a purpose for her. I spoke to her about God and encouraged her to pray. I truly was amazed that she was there- My Miracle Girl. I was blessed simply by seeing her there. It was amazing. Our conversation went deeper and I learned that what she really needed was encouragement and someone to talk to. I was glad I saw her. I was glad I was able to know her story. I was glad I was able to help her even a little.

We prayed together and she accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior there and then. They told me also about how God has always provided for their needs even at this time. It was amazing to hear how God works his power in their lives. Abby inspired me and blessed me today. I am glad I listened to the small voice that told me to visit her. I am glad that I heard her story and witnessed the miracle of her 2nd life. If I didn’t listen to that voice, then I would have missed out on the opportunity to be blessed like this.

I need to be sensitive and to listen to God’s voice so I don’t miss out on any miracles, any lessons or any of his blessings. I want to see God’s power and witness his greatness all the time.


Author’s Note: Abby is currently undergoing constant dialysis and needs a kidney donor so she could have a kidney transplant. If you know anyone who wants to help or who can help, please let me know.



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