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Letting Go of your Security Blanket

Meet_linus_big (1) There are things in life that bring us a sense in security. May it be a fruitful and great career, a wonderful boyfriend, wealth,family or even a pet. These things makes us feel good about ourselves and helps lick our already satisfied ego. You may be hailed as the world’s most efficient employee and each little praise feels good. Your boyfriend may tell you you’re the prettiest woman in the world, treats you like a princess, pampers you and showers you with praise. Your family may think you’re their prize.

BUT, WHAT HAPPENS IF SUDDENLY, GOD TAKES THAT ALL AWAY? What would you do if suddenly you were laid off or if someone gets that promotion you have always wanted? What if suddenly, your perfect boyfriend breaks up with you? What will happen if your pet dies? What would you do?

When our security blanket is taken away, we are shaken because we don’t know what to do. We wouldn’t know how else to satisfy our bruised ego since the person or thing that is feeding it is taken away. We couldn’t function. We are blinded desperately by depression that we cling to the closest thing to that blanket that we can reach. Sometimes, we desperately fight to get back what we think is rightfully ours and push away every soul who might take it away from us. We get angry at the world for not feeling the pain that we are feeling and not putting us in its priority list to be comforted.

We want someone to stroke the injured ego and nurse it back to health. We want someone to listen to us, but we are deaf to the good advise your friends give. All because we focus on the one thing that we THINK can make us feel better. We want our security blanket back and we want it NOW NOW NOW….

We want it even if its tattered and torn. We want it even if it is soiled. We want it even if it was not ours to keep in the first place. We become selfish, obsessive and crazy to the point of madness. We get stressed over it and we become such a pity-party that people start to steer away from us and then we feel even more lonely, then angry and  we seclude ourselves, with the remains of our blanket, our pride shattered in pieces and start self-destructing in a pitiful pattern.

But this isn’t the only way to go about it. You might ask, “Well, what can I do?”

I personally have gone through that cycle of destruction just recently and because of my stubbornness, I ended up losing two of my most precious friends.  What I should have done is this: I SHOULD HAVE LET GO OF MY SECURITY BLANKET WILLINGLY.

Letting go is not abandoning. It is simply making room for something bigger and better in my life. Back then, I was deaf to the good advise of my friends and passed the opportunities to grow and be loved. I was blind to the blessings that God has put in the place of the opportunities lost. I focused on the negative- covering myself up in dirty laundry. I had gone mad with loneliness because I felt that there was no one there for me. I forgot that there was a GOD who was there 24/7 for me and I thought my life was over.

Then a friend reached out to me and listened to me. And that was all I needed. All I wanted was to be heard so I could move on. When I had aired all of my dirty laundry out, I felt better and was able to listen to the good advise this person had to give me. Then I realized the grave mistake I did – because I was so depressed, I lost two sisters. And, up to now, I don’t know how to get them back.Then again, it occurred to me that they were part of my security blanket. I realized that letting go of them and letting them grow might be the best for all of us.

As I reflected on my mistake, I realized that letting go is easier when you focus on the GOOD THINGS that GOD has put in place of that one thing that He took away from you. He only takes away things that could harm you or that could hinder your growth. He takes away things that are a clutter in our lives – or to make room for BIGGER and BETTER BLESSINGS that He has prepared for us.

GOD WANTS US TO BE HAPPY.  GOD wants US to lead a full life- a victorious life. He only wants what is best for us. So when He takes away something, He only wants to give us something way better.  WE ONLY HAVE TO TRUST HIM. Let us not fight desperately against His will. We are stronger than we think we are. We CAN live without our security blankets because we have HIM.




A 30 something fangirl, writer, artist and dreamer, a princess by day and ninja by night who believes in magic, true love and wants to change the world one brush stroke at a time. Marikit is a self-taught artist learning more about art and the world around her.

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