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Cosplay Mania 2011 –Day 1 (Part One)

cosmania As promised, here I am your RABID FANGIRL, Cosplay Photographer and Blogger updating you on the events, things and happenings about Cosplay Mania 2011. The event is being held in SMX Convention Center from October 1-2, 2011 and despite the threat of Typhoon Quiel, anime lovers, cosplayers and photographers –enthusiasts and more flocked to the venue to enjoy it.

I was with N this time. So the both of us took about 500 pictures or more so since we can’t show everything online, I am supposed to do the highlights…

I wonder how I should start this. Hmmm… Alright then…  Here I go…

I loved the crowd definitely. It was a fun crowd.  The cosplayers were nice – a lot of them were prepared though some, like myself, ghettoed it. It was a good atmosphere. The place itself was teeming with cosplayers, photographers and some fans just having fun. Even N who was quite a novice about these things enjoyed.

The merchandisers area was crowded, but the cosplay hall adjacent to it was huge so I wonder if they could have just extended the merchandise area so it’s not so squished together. It was hard to move, you can’t even walk very far in it. >.> but I am sure they’ll consider this next time…

Anyway on to what people are looking forward to the most. Cosplayers! ❤ Since this convention is dedicated to cosplayers there were A LOT. I couldn’t get over how many there were. Everywhere I looked there were good cosplays, so-so and ghetto cosplays but they were cosplayers. I got swept back into the hobby just like that.

Here are some of the Cosplayers I met and flailed over. See my rabid fangirliness!!

Cosmania0095Cosmania0126  IMG_7652 IMG_7658 Cosmania0121 Cosmania0174
Cosmania0091 Cosmania0188 Cosmania0147 Cosmania0133

I loved these guys!  Toki Toki Nicole was amazing in her sexilicious outfit!!  And that Hibari cosplayer that was about to Kamikorosu me actually looked like Kondo Takashi! I swear!! Bel and Fran was fun and the whole KHR group was amazing! Though I didn’t see anyone in Byakuran or Mukuro (how odd) … Andrew Venturina(Tamaki) who was wearing that awesome Frankentstein was a sweetheart! And the rest of them, just ROCKS!

Check out PART 2 of the entry, please!

If you want to see the pics please go to the following gallery: CLICK ME
CLICK ME!  Don’t forget to comment, tag and check out the links to the raws at the bottom of the page! Im still not done uploading so please… be patient!



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