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Best of Anime 2011

It’s been a while since I last got into a convention. The last was Metro Comic Con and that was aeons ago. But life, as is always crazy so I guess I have to make do with what I can go to. God, growing up is so hard to do sometimes.

Anyway, I went to Best of Anime (SMX Convention Center, September 17-18) on the first day only and checked out the convention to meet my friend Toki Toki Nicole.  Armed with my trusty Canon EOS 1100D, I went out to see if I can capture some cosplayers.

The con itself was bigger than Metro. Though I don’t know, I felt that it had fewer merchandisers than the former, but then again that may just be because of space issues. There were booths like Biri Biri game and Marraige booths which reminds me of High School Fairs and there were actual food places in the convention hall, even a Maid Cafe! <3  So here’s my take on what happened during that con and the pics I took.

IMG_7439I got there quite early and so I had time to check out each booth before doing anything. I was pleased to find that my friend Jemae Lutao has a booth there. Jemae owns Przxy Art a crafty little art shop which specializes in cute customized dolls and shirts and cellie charms and holders.  Check out her FB linked up there! (

 IMG_7433IMG_7434 IMG_7435IMG_7436 IMG_7437 IMG_7438

IMG_7479After I checked out the booths, I finally got to meet my friend Toki Toki Nicole, a cosplayer, gyaru and sweetheart. She was dressed in Gyaru fashion and I couldn’t take my eyes off her cuteness! She and I met through a good friend online, Kuro – who in turn introduced us. I am glad she did because Nicole is such a sweetie. ❤ Plus, there aren’t that many fangirls who I can say is my age and fangirl the same stuff.  So she really is a blessing to me.

IMG_7483 IMG_7487 IMG_7480

Check her out soon in COSMANIA (Oct 1-2, SMX Convention Center) when she’s going to be in full costume. I can’t way to see her in top gear!

Speaking of Cosplayers, I did find that  Sassiest Group from Metro Comic Con again.  ❤ The Joker group was a lot of fun and they did give me some cute shots again this time around.  They are really a fun bunch.

IMG_7453 harleykiss IMG_7450

^__^ I wish I see them again next time!

Other cosplayers that I found good? Hmmm.. there was this Harry Potter cosplayer just outside the Convention hall that the girls were all fangirling over. I didn’t really get it until I saw him and he had this uncanny resemblance to Daniel Radcliffe! He even has an extra wand for the girls who wanted his picture! IMG_7495


Don’t you think he looks quite the same?

I also found the following people note worthy:

IMG_7571 IMG_7569
Panty and Garterbelt Cosplay. I love her whole costume and her eyes.

This guy really looks like a damn elf! Link!! ❤
Don’t know where’ she’s from but goddamn cool!

IMG_7471 IMG_7579
Cute couple Costumes.

Now, I took a  lot more pictures but I couldn’t put them all here so here’s the link to the gallery Gallery .IMG_7580

Now to bring you to the CLIMAX   of my con or where my fangirl senses went crazy.  KATEKYO HITMAN REBORN COSPLAYERS.  (I seriously should do a full post on them, but for now a preview would be nice.)

I found them preparing near the elevators and I went *___* Yamamoto!! Since I spotted him first. Then I looked around to see if there was anyone else – particularly, Hayato Gokudera with him.  AND THERE WAS.  There was even a TSUNA! and I promptly died and went to fangirl heaven.

I stalked them for a while, not wanting to bother them while they were preparing, but when I saw that they were pretty much ready, I jumped them and offered my belt and ring to complete Hayato’s costume. They were such amazing people and I wish I could really talk to them more but I felt a little shy.

Here are some of the pics I took of them.

yama 2759 trio5980 59801 arashi yama2

I am still in the process of editing a lot of the photos so forgive me.

I also found these REBORN COSPLAYERS FUN!


UNI Too!!

Ah! I can’t wait to edit the other pics and just have fun… Remember!

Gallery is over here



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2 thoughts on “Best of Anime 2011

  1. hey, I was there too (not as a cosplayer but as a voyeur/photographer lol)!

    i did not shell out the P150 to get inside the venue since there were lots of cosplayers strutting their stuff outside anyway.

    we had lotsa fun 🙂

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