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[J-Drama] TEIOH


Teioh is a fictional biographical documentary of Sakaki Ryo, the king of Cabaret Clubs in Japan. He was a man without any goals , talents and merits but he was a very good natured man. When his friend, Eitaro asked for help from him to face some Hosts who took his girlfriend, Ryo decided to challenge Renjo #1  host in Moon River Club, to a duel of sales. He struggled in the beginning but eventually, with the help of his good attitude, he was able to surpass Renjo. His next challenge came when he helped his ex-customer’s business boom by making it a Host/Cabaret club – soon, he started building a chain of cabaret clubs with the help of his friends who believed in him.

It was a simple story of a man who made it in the rough world of hosts. Its a rags to riches type of story which allows us also to see inside the Host Club halls and the reality of what happens in that industry. Its a good well rounded story, with an okay cast of actors. It was quick to watch ( I finished it in one night) and was formatted like a documentary, which allowed the story to progress with that speed. It seems low budget, but very well made.

Though the cast was built up of No Name Actors, the drama gave chance to those actors who couldn’t get a break.


Sakaki Ryou was played by Tsukamoto Takashi who was a real pleasure on the eyes. ( No wonder because it IS a host club drama). He looked fresh and very attractive. Though, I had difficulty reading emotion from his face sometimes.  I guess it’s also good that this was formatted as a documentary because Tsukamoto kind of half – assed it. But, at least he was very pretty in doing so.

KMP-DVD[(014431)08-56-07] KMP-DVD[(016420)08-57-19]

I watched it really for one reason: YOSHIKAZU KOTANI  one of my idols in the minor leagues was in it. I was also pleased to hear that +Plus songs, from his band was used in this the drama as a theme and insert song. Konnii plays Tatsuhiko Yamaji, a host who was Ryo’s senpai in the industry. Tatsuhiko eventually follows Ryo in his dream to open a new Host club however, he was also the culprit in the accidental burning of the Bar Casablanca.

KMP-DVD[(006480)08-51-13] KMP-DVD[(001667)09-18-23]
I don’t care. He’d just so cute. Though I do prefer him brunette, he pulls off blonde nicely. If Konnii were really a host, I would actually find him! ^__^

Other Cast Members were  Yamada Yusuke (AAA) as Renjo and Atae Shinjiro as Okawa Eitaro ( Best friend of Ryo).

KMP-DVD[(000556)09-17-42] KMP-DVD[(014598)08-56-13]

It was a good drama to watch. It had no loose ends and it ended nicely. However, I expected more out of it.  A lot of people might get bored with the format and the way it’s told but I actually like it.

KMP-DVD[(001333)09-18-12] KMP-DVD[(000543)09-17-42]
KMP-DVD[(002172)09-18-40] KMP-DVD[(014533)08-56-11]

You can download Teioh at J-Drama Zone. 🙂



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