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[J-Drama] Tokyo Friends (東京フレンズ)2003

0a01d43e7300f2657e3091aa04d9b81f This is a story about a small town girl named Iwatsuki Rei and her friends who travelled all the way to Tokyo to find their purpose in life and realize each of their dreams. They all converge at the pub called “Yume no Kura” ( Dream Warehouse) and become friends and share their struggles, passions, problems about men and lives together.

The whole thing had a  “Sex and The City” or Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants mixed with Coyote Ugly and Beck kind of feel. It’s both a women’s drama and a band’s drama. It also felt eerily similar to NANA 1 and 2. However, the drama had some redeeming parts which  was that it was pretty easy to follow with enough twists and turns to keep me interested and it tackled several women’s issues that I could easily relate to.

The Drama was never shown on TV, but was a big straight to DVD success, probably it was because it was Otsuka Ai’s big acting debut. In fairness to Ai-chan, she did pretty well for her first time – but of course, she should stick to singing. I felt that the scenes I loved her the most was when she started singing and I guess that’s because that’s where she belongs.

Since it is a band drama, the OST for this drama is pretty hot. SABAKAN’s songs (Survival Company) are amazing. I was drawn to “To Me” and “Chotto” Immediately. Otsuka Ai really gave the songs life. The ending song “Yumekui” was cute and it tied up the story really nicely.  Though, I would have preferred it if there was a concert at the end so I could enjoy the whole series a bit more.

The cast was good,  I think it was pretty well cast. Otsuka Ai as Rei was a good choice. She was cute  though she really needs acting classes. The drama was probably saved by Eita who did well as Ryuuji and did do something to put more expression on his face. They were supported by Matsumoto Rio who provided the humor and whose character I could probably relate to the most. I was also kind of pleased to see Hiraoka Yuta there with a guitar –though he DID suck, he at least provided a little Ikemen factor along with Kitamura Kazuki who played such an odd character that kind of threw me off into a loop. ( I really HATED his character. I swear)

I guess I did watch Tokyo Friends to see what the hype was all about. It was okay, it wasn’t the type of drama I couldn’t stop watching. In fact, a drama I could have watched in a day was prolonged to about three to four days because I constantly stopped watching it to do other more interesting things.   Though I kind of liked the whole concept it was haphazardly put together. The drama ended with a huge gaping hole in the end and left too many things unanswered and I hated that. Thoug the movie did answer the questions, it still left a lot of ends loose.

But, for fans of Otsuka Ai, this is something you should watch. I liked the music mostly, but sorry, the drama really wasn’t worth my time.



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