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Ouran High School Host Club Official Pictures

s640x480Finally, the site has released some official posters of the drama and some pictures. It’s so cute. I am definitely looking forward to it though a lot of fans are iffy about it. I guess purists of the manga and anime feel that the cast is not well thought of, but I believe the Casting Directors of this show has done their best.

Most of the criticism from the fans being thrown at this drama are the following:

  • Tamaki and Hani are not as blonde – look guys, anime and mangawise, it’s possible to get that bright blonde color without cheapening the whole look. But in reality, the stylists of the drama have to adapt to current trends and looks to make them look believably rich without making them look whorishly cheap. Yamamoto Yusuke could surely pull off a blonde look and I am sure that Yuudai could too, but imagine them in blonde right now for the drama, and you’ll see what I mean. it would look really harsh, the stylists lightened the two character’s hairs enough to look natural since it IS a Live Action, we need to adjust.
  • Maeda still doesn’t look boyish – agreed. She still looks pretty even with the short hair. I guess her acting skills should compensate for the girliness of her face.
  • Hani should be shorter – some say that they should get a junior or Chinen to play the role of Hani. But then again, we want it to be believable. The point of Live Action is to make manga come to life in the real world. Would you really believe it if a four foot child would play a high school student? I don’t think so. I think the essence of CUTE is what Hani portrays and I think Chiba Yuudai ( who is oh so adorable) could pull it off well. He’s cute, he has a baby face and he looks like he could be in High School.


  • There’s not enough cute guys.  Oh come on, really?  I guess this is more of a personal bias thing. Realistically, if we put, say Mizushima Hiro, Osamu Mukai and Yamapi in Ouran, I don’t think it will work. We fangirls are fixated in seeing our dream guys in this girl’s fantasy drama but I think that its time we do expand our horizons and look at the other Japanese Actors out there who are up and coming and give them a chance.
  • Oh Yay No JE – just because there’s a JE Idol in the drama, does it mean it sucks. The same way, that if your favorite actor isn’t in the drama it means it isn’t good. Realistically, there’s a lot of JE Idols who can’t act, but there are also those who can and we can give props to them. There’s also non-JE Idols who aren’t worth beans when acting either. When watching this drama or any drama, let’s just enjoy it and put our biases aside.

I mean honestly, if you hate the drama so much and you think they will ruin it, then DON’T WATCH IT.  But you know what? You’ll watch it anyway out of curiosity. So let’s stop pretending and just wait and see if the drama will pwn or bomb.

As for me, I like this cast. It’s got potential. I just hope the cast did their homework and get into character.  GOOD LUCK OURAN! See you on July 2011.



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2 thoughts on “Ouran High School Host Club Official Pictures

  1. but i really disappointed with that T.T, i have waited for that drama for so long, it made me cry if it end up like this. I used to imagine that tamaki will be played by halfblood japanese actor (T.T) (T.T) (T.T) (T.T) (T.T)

    1. We cant always have what we want, especially in this industry. If you’re that disappointed then don’t watch it. There is not thing wrong with the cast. Yamamoto Yusuke is a capable and very good actor. I think he can pull it off.

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