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[J-Drama] Ouran High School Host Club – Promotion Pic

ourannn Found this online and I flipped. Before, I couldn’t imagine what Ouran would look like but this looks amazing.  I was a little iffy with Yamamoto Yusuke with the role of Tamaki Suoh, but now, I think I feel a little relieved. He could do it.  Though, he could have gone a little bit more blonde, but I think it’s fine.

Haruhi is played by Haruna Kawaguchi. I don’t know much about her but she’s cute and she does fit the bill for Haruhi. Plus she looks kind of HOT as a boy. heehee… which is exactly the point.

What I am looking forward to is the Hatachiin twins -Takagi Shinpei and Takagi Manpei of Flame, I have seen these twins in action in Tokyo Ghost Trip and Mei-chan Butler and they will surely get the job done dead on. I cannot wait. This will be fun.

Add the cutest person in the club, Haninozuka “Honey” Mitsukuni who is played by the uber adorable, Chiba Yuudai ( who I swear makes me melt with each picture). He doesnt even try to act cute. He’s just simply CUTE. I think he’s perfect.

Other characters include Daitou Shunsuke as Ootari Kyoya, which I’m not really sure about at first, but seeing this picture, I think it might just work. Ryuusei Ryou as Nekozawa Umehito and Nakamura Masaya as Morinozuka “Mori” Takashi.

I think I have something definitely to look forward to this Summer Season. I just can’t wait.


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