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7 Ikemen that I watch

WARNING: If you do not appreciate random flailing, you might want to skip this. This is a post for the Fangirls. ^_^

I’ve always been a fan of Japanese artists and the western beauty doesn’t appeal much to me. I will not lie. I have a bias towards them. My ideal man is an ikemen – not a western blonde hunk with too much hair.. to me the ideal is a pretty Japanese man with an oomph.  Though I do not crush on the popular boys, except for a few. The guys I do like seem to actually be those who are less popular and maybe that’s what makes them more attractive to me.

Here is my list of my Top 10 guys I fangirl over (in no particular order)… and of course these are not everyone, Just random picks of 7 guys in my head right now

NakAoi004 I mean seriously, look at him. So he’s not drop dead gorgeous, but this boy’s effortless charm is amazing. He’s a great actor, he has a great personality and he looks like Nishikido Ryo (which is honestly one of the reasons why I like him so much). He looks simple, like  someone you can approach, talk to and jam with.  To me, he’s just pretty. ^__^

0007d1fpKENKEN!!!!!! Now that’s over with, Kenken has one of the easiest smiles I have ever seen in my life. SERIOUSLY. I love this guy. Everytime I look at him I just have to smile, he has that easy, breezy, pretty and sweet feeling to him  that you just want to stare at him and flail and make him your best friend for ever and ever. Now, this boy is already 27 years old, and still he does not look a day over 21. How on earth does he do that? Plus, if you watch him in Princess Princess D you’d find that he dresses up pretty as a girl and has a pretty cool voice too. Kenken is just cute and I think he knows it.

Unconventional and Not very known, Kotani Yoshikazu is a small time, underappreciated idol in Japan who is one of the members of Plus+ a band that usually sings a lot of anime themes. I first saw him as Taka-san in Prince of Tennis ( 2nd Cast) and immediately fell in love. Fujoshi ladies would know him as the star of Boy’s Love and he appeared with many ikemen in Tokyo Ghost Trip. But that’s is not what attracted me to Konnii, this soft spoken and mature lad is 29 years old, talented, charming and is still a dreamer. He’s all around awesome and Konnii, to me is an ikemen I could actually date if I had a chance.

4- 0007hs5h SETO KOUJI
One look at him and you go d’awwwww…. his cute face is his ticket.  He looks too cute for words. I mean honestly he looks like a kitten. Yet this petite idol has more edge than you think. He’s a seasoned actor, he sings and leads some of his juniors from D-Boys, can dance and still be as cute as a button. I swear, if I see Seto, I’ll just glomp and cuddle him because he’s just too cute for words. KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! ^____^ SETO-CHAN CAN I JUST CUDDLE YOU?!

junnosuke taguchi Junno! What can I say about Junno ? He’s tall, he’s a talented dancer and he’s got a very classic beauty that most people underappreciate. I guess it’s because he acts very spazzy on stage. Junno is also very loud and kinda bimboish with KAT-TUN, but his eyes tell me that he’s indeed a deep thinker. Junno’s features, height and built make him seem that he looks more at home on a runway somewhere rather than with a J-Pop group. I just love him. Blonde, brunette, redhead or black hair JUNNO is one guy I always seem to look at and go gaga for.

TV Guide 17th Oct '09

Daigo is the only J-Rocker I actually like. For one reason. He’s physically my ideal. Princely, classy, pretty and very cute. He’s also got the clothes, the smirk and the spazzy attitude right. I guess the only thing I can complain about Daigo is that  although he’s the total package and he seems fake sometimes. I read his blogs, and watch him, and sometimes I feel that he’s putting on an act that’s painfully obvious.Dai-chan if you become true to yourself, I’d like you more…Though you did something really great, you stole my heart for about a year and that’s saying something.

s640x480GUH.  That’s what I say. Now this is my ideal guy. Lean, active, spazzy, bratty, REAL and very talented. Ryo has it all. Kanjani 8 and NEWS, Dramas – everything this boy is just motivated and I admire that about him. But since we are talking about flailing – I have flailed over Ryo for about 10 years now. Since I saw him as a kid in shounen club. This boy has a distinct flair that makes me crumble into putty whenever I see him. So, he’s not the most handsome guy, but his charm and his sexiness overwhelms. He’s just my sexy osakan man and I love him to death.



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