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How Not To Win Miss World Philippines 2011

Warning: Bitching and Ranting.  Sorry to those involved but these are my opinions. Simply stated. These are my two cents.

Since I have blogged about the pretties of the Miss World Philippines 2011 Screening night, I want to show the MADNESS that comes with it.. I don’t know what these ladies are doing. I mean Seriously. But if the ladies in my blog had what it takes to win, these ladies simply DO NOT.

I mean how hard could it be to follow simple rules and do your research before stepping up to the plate at the screening. If you really want to be a beauty queen, you really have to do your homework, right? Either the following ladies slept in class or really doesn’t have a clue.

Here’s a classic example of how NOT to win Miss World. No matter what it is You do not show your BUTT in an Evening Gown Competition. Lady, If you want to win this BEAUTY pageant, you cover that up. I mean it’s alright to flaunt and shake what your momma gave you but this is definitely not the avenue for it. Don’t go dressing like you’re going to a club or something. Wear a gown, not a club stripper hoe kind of thang.

missthangThese girls are obviously clueless on what to wear for evening gown. They have committed fashion crimes that — well… they didn’t even know. First, Miss Thang on the left here looks fabulous if she’s going to a club or dancing for MTV, but lady, you’re way out of your league here.  Missy on the left has a cute dress, but still inappropriate for the competition. I’d like to wear that dress to dinner with friends or a party but it’s not pageant material.


Is it just me or is this lady wearing a towel to the evening gown competition? I mean, I know what she’s going for here. She’s beautiful. She’s got presence, she’s got a great smile and cheekbones but hello! There is no excuse for doing a J-Lo thing on the pageant stage. ( No offense meant to J-Lo, she’s fab! and she dresses better too!)

I don’t know… but there are a lot more that I want to mention but none of them are as evil as these lot. I mean they obviously knew what they were getting into when they signed up. The least they could have done is prepared. Pageants, I understand cost a lot, but isn’t that part and parcel of this thing?

So please give these ladies a heads up. Ignorance excuses no one. Even if they are gorgeous women like these. And tell this beautiful lady that she shouldn’t wear her nightie on stage.

nightie/end rant.



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