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[Fashionista] Miss World Philippines Screening : Beauty and Madness

Yesterday, as I was walking around the Mall of Asia with N, I chanced upon seeing the Miss World Screening in MOA. I was thrilled. I loved fashion shows and I had my camera with me. This was my chance to shoot.  This screening had 51 hopefuls from different parts of the country and you could really see who really wanted it and not.

I guess there were crowd favorites, those who brought their whole barangay to cheer them on. Those who were just meh. Those who were great for ramp, but not pageantry and those who are plain WTFisshedoingthere? I am serious. Then there were those few stunners in the batch.

So here are my  TOP 5 Choices for this Batch (in no particular order) of who should be in the running to be Miss World Philippines 2011.

chloe2 chloe
Martha Chloe Mc Culley – a former competitor/finalist for Bb. Pilipinas and a crowd favorite at Missosology  Forums.  Apparently, they all wanted her to win. 😀

otherstunner2 otherstunner
Here’s another stunner who caught my eye. Exotic beauty, and could draw in the crowd. She’s gorgeous, confident and knows how to walk.

white white1
Classic Pinay Beauty. I love her and her gown too.

No. 10 made me smile. She looks so fresh and radiant. I wonder how young she is. Plus, she had some curves.

no21-2  no21-3 stunning21
and there’s No.21 – ooh lala… I love this girl. She just hits the right notes for me at everything. Fabulous gown, amazing make up, Great smile, eyes and body. She’s just – WOW. Plus she has an amazingly fresh aura and she’s a real beauty. To me, she’s just absolutely stunning. She blew me away. I really hope she makes it to the final cut, if not I’ll be so devastated.

I know that there will be more screenings and more ladies to choose from but if any of my girls show up, I will be oh- so happy. 😀

Here are some of the pictures I took from the event: Click ME. Kindly credit if you’re using it for anything. 😀



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