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Singapura, Lah

I just came back from Lah land … I mean, Singapore and I could honestly say that I enjoyed my total SG experience. We left on Friday, May 13th – yes, Friday the 13th keeping our fingers crossed and our hearts hopeful that we would have fun in Singapore. Since my brother planned the whole trip for us, I had no idea what I would expect in the land of Lah.

Prizes from Cebu PacWe flew to Singapore onboard Cebu Pacific. It was my first time flying with them and I was pleased to report that the crew was cool and friendly. They even played some games with the passengers and you could win actual Cebu Pacific merchandise if you answer their questions correctly. My brother’s girlfriend and I played the game and won ourselves a couple of pouches from Cebu Pac. Pretty nifty. The flight was smooth and fast and we got there earlier than expected.

IMG_0209We got there and went to our hotel – Hotel Royal located in Newton Rd. It was pretty far from the city but it was decently priced and comfortable. The only hitch was we thought it had WiFi in the rooms, it turns out, you have to buy a SGD10.00 card to use it. So we opted to use the net in the business center instead. For SG$2.00 for 15 minutes it was kind of steep, but we needed to communicate back home so we had no choice.

My siblings, my brother’s girlfriend and I stayed there for 5 days and 4 nights.  We walked everywhere there. Thus resulting in my very sore feet and muscles for days. But transport was pretty cool there – we rode the MRT and the Bus.

DSCF6353 Singapore as a city is clean.  I mean really really clean  if the whole city had Obsessive Compulsive Disorder for everything. There were fines and restrictions from everything from smoking, chewing gums, eating and drinking in certain places and even bringing Durian into public transport.  Discipline is the name of the game and I do not fear for my life as I walk even through the back streets of Singapore.

The city has a little bit of everything rolled into one tiny package. They have ultra modern buildings and facilities, glamorous and fashionable shopping and gimmick districts,  traditional and cultural areas for Chinese, Arab, and Indian people. There are even a lot of ecoparks and nature trails for the health buffs and the people who love green. It’s and ideal city – a kind of utopia.

But Singapore is also the land of workaholics the locals have admitted that the only thing that they do during weekends and holidays is shop, take pictures, go to the beach, excersise and do their chores. It’s a place where the work never ends but they do get paid pretty well.

DSCF6481 Anyway, my vacation included trips to Universal Studios and Sentosa. Both of which are world renowned for their cool 3D and 4D cinemagics and other things. Frankly, I enjoyed Sentosa more because I have been to Universal Studios in USA and I enjoyed it there more than here. But, at least I got to meet some cool characters there and I enjoyed a well deserved roller coaster ride.

DSCF6770 Sentosa is cool. I loved it there. There were more attractions that i love. My sister tried the MegaZip ride. She said that it was fun. If I were to plan though, I would go to the Butterfly park and do the eco-ride, but my since it wasn’t my itinerary, I skipped it but still enjoyed anyway.  I most especially enjoyed the SONGS OF THE SEA, 4D Cinemagic, Underwater World, the LUGE and SKYRIDE and the interactive Desperados (where I ended up in 3rd place during the first round.) How’s that for shooting?

IMG_0035As for food, please try the Chili Crab, Cereal Prawns, Crispy Baby Squid, Satay, and the snow ice. I am serious. Do NOT LEAVE SINGAPORE without trying the snow ice or you will regret it for the rest of your life. I also enjoyed the $1- potong ice cream which is ice cream you eat between 2 pieces of wafer like a sandwich. Drink Rose Juice,  Lemon Barley and Sugar cane juice as well.  For breakfast, Kopi and Kaya toast are enticing. And don’t skip the hawker places like Lau Pasat, Food Republic, Newton Circus, Temple Street. They usually provide the cheapest, most authentic food in the city.They are amazing. Seriously, and when I talk food. I  am really serious.

Singapore is a lovely city. Full of beautiful places, lovely people, great cuisine andDSCF6319 wonderful shopping. I mean, electronics wise, I probably saved at least PHP10,000 when I bought my camera there. There are a lot of good places to shop, like Funan Digital Mall, Lucky Plaza ( where you can get the best deal on Foreign Currency Exchange) and Sim Lim Square (though you have to really check and be wary there) there was even a street market there. And I also enjoyed going through Chinatown where souvenirs were so cheap you can buy gifts for everyone.

I would tell you more, but I am still exhausted. But I would definitely go back there. Its a great city. 😀 Here are some pics but there are more pics here and here.

DSCF6835 DSCF6869
DSCF6303 DSCF6550
DSCF6765 DSCF6848
IMG_0036  IMG_0037

That’s all, lah!



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