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Metro Comic Con 2011: Marikit Cosplay Awards (Part 1)

I have seen the best and the worst. I’ve seen mediocre, I’ve seen so-so and I’ve seen the craziest and the jaw droppingly amazing costumes. Some, I couldn’t even believe. So here is my rundown of the Best and Worst of Metro Comic Con 2011 ( Day 1).

Check out 10 of the best cosplayers in the con here. From the Most kickass group, to the cutest to the weirdest!


Hands Down. It’s the most awesomely jaw dropping group I have ever seen in ages. Just when I thought there couldn’t be anything sexier or better, these girls have blown me away.They just have it all. Characterization is quite amazing. Details all accounted for, down to the last button. And that Mecha! ❤ Who wouldn’t bow down to these sexy and fierce ladies who can both make you drool and bleed at the same time.  Great work ladies!

(Click on the pics to make them bigger)

Copy (2) of DSC_5228 Copy (2) of DSC_5219 Copy (2) of DSC_5222

 Copy (2) of DSC_5226 Copy (2) of DSC_5227 Copy (2) of DSC_5218

I would so bow to this costume over and over. Ryuk from Death Note was perfectly executed by this female cosplayer and she totally made me fangirl over her. The details on the mask is so real, the wings so delicately and most carefully made. I thought that Ryuk had really come down from the netherworld to claim the Death Note.

The craftsmanship on this costume was astounding and really made me a fan. This costume is truly a work of art that should be hailed one of the best if not the best Ryuk cosplays I have ever seen.



This is a cosplay group I would definitely join if I were still back in the cosplay world. My best bet for it would be a Toadette or a sexy Daisy – or Queen Kupa, if I were feeling a little risque’. They get an amazing score for effort, creativity and uniqueness. The designs of each costumes were detailed, fashionable and cho-kawaii! ❤ I totally love them. They definitely rock. I wish I could peel them off the press for a great shoot but, it was quite difficult to do so.
DSC_5297_thumb[2]Copy3ofDSC_5292_thumb[2] Copy3ofDSC_5293_thumb[2] Copy3ofDSC_5294_thumb[2] Copy3ofDSC_5295_thumb[2]



I literally stalked this girl from the other side of the elevators to get her picture. This Shinku got it all right. She was literally a doll. Being a Rozen Maiden fan and cosplayer myself. The attention to detail  the creator of the costume had was amazing. she even got the right roses and colors. And her height, being a child was perfect.

I really wanted to squish her. I almost did. God she is too cute for words

Note: the RYUK and Shinku are related. The creators are also the same. ❤



DSC_5267_thumb6[4]I saw this costume lying down in  pile in one of the corners of the con and my jaw literally went. WOW! The ingenuity! The Karasu ( Crow) costume is worn by two people ( three if you include Kankuro). The costume is made of old screen piping, cardboard and it opens to allow a person to be let in it’s coffin like cage.  I used to see old Karasu Costumes/ props back when  I was cosplaying Naruto in the US but this is one for the books.

Copy2ofDSC_5233_thumb[2]Copy2ofDSC_5265_thumb[2]CopyofDSC_5310_thumb[2] Copy2ofDSC_5266_thumb[2]  CopyofDSC_5188_thumb[2]

want more? Get set for PART 2



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