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[J-Pop] Kis-my-Ft2 scheduled for a Nationwide Tour

So I guess the CD will be out later than expected but Johnny-sama has finally decided to debut Kis-my-Ft2 after their long wait. They deserve it after being back dancers for so long they are finally given a chance to grow.  I guess they also owe it to their fans since without them, Johnny would not be convinced to promote the boys status to an actual debuted group.

The boys are scheduled to kickoff their tour on July 9th, and go around to about 6 cities not as back dancers but as the main act.  (Thank you, Kitagawa-sama!)

According to Tokyohive, they are also going to release a CD with hopeful songs in light of the Tsunami.

Finally Fujigaya and Kitayama get their break.  I guess patience and hardwork do pay off.



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