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Lady : Saigo no Hanzai Profiler (2010)

LADY_Saigo_no_Hanzai_Profile_5513_poster I love police and crime drama. I love CSI, NCIS and all the other police dramas that has taken the world by storm. I love trying to solve a case with them and so it was only natural that I also enjoy the twist that this drama provides us. CSI provides us an insight from the side of forensics, meanwhile this drama focuses on the psyche of the criminal. The crime is scene from the point of view of the Criminal Profiler.

The drama centers on Kazuki (Keiko Kitagawa), a beautiful, FBI style criminal profiler who works with a dynamic team of profilers CPS.  She uses the power of psychology or trying to “think” like the criminal to understand the crime from inside the criminal mind.

In her team there are other styles of profiling that were featured in the drama.

There is a genius with an IQ of 160 who relies on mathematical and geographical data to comprehend the probabilities and the area of the crime. He uses the power of mathematics and data to predict the criminal’s next activity.

Then there was a former autopsy specialist who uses his knowledge of the human body to solve crimes. He proves useful to profile the physical aspect of the criminal.  There is also a computer genius/hacker and finally the team is topped off by a criminal psychologist and a police officer who assists them with police power.

The team works hard to solve crimes that normal investigators cannot comprehend. At first, they were rejected by their superiors but in the long run, they were proven to be great “tools” for solving crime.

Each episode solves a crime each, some connected to others and mostly stories about murder. But it was fascinating to see the crime from within the mind of the criminal. Though the drama is truly fictional, it contains a sliver of truth to the darkness of the days.

It is a pretty straightforward drama. Plus the guests they used as “criminals” were a star studded cast starting with DAIGO as the first criminal.  (which probably drew me in as well). Plus Kitagawa showed amazing toughness  and masculitinty in this role. I was surprised in that acting ability in her as well. I always saw her as the cutesy poo type girl but this one definitely blew me away.

This drama, though not as exciting as Galileo or other police drama was, a good watch and enough to make me want to go on watching it, even though there were some laggy parts.



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