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Good Morning, Real Estate Broker!

oath1 Took oath last April 26, Tuesday and as of about 3:45 PM that day, I was officially a PRC licensed  REAL ESTATE BROKER in the Philippines. I was only one of about 3,200 people who took their oath the same day. The event was held in the Plenary Hall of the  Philippine International Convention Center of PICC.

When I got there, I felt significantly underdressed. I was only wearing a LBD ( Little Black Dress) and a crocheted poncho on top to look “Filipiniana”. The rest of the crowd were wearing full ballgowns, made up to the nines and sweltering in the 100 degree heat.


nmeditsThe event was supposed to start at 1:00 PM but eventually started at 2:45 and finished at 3:00 PM.  Filipino time.  Typical. I was bored to death.   Aside from the fact that there were long and disorganized lines, there were no instructions as where to go or what to do and left all the real estate professionals wandering in the PICC.  *sigh*  PRC should get its act together. Thank God N was there with me.


oath21When it did start, people were already annoyed, itchy (from their gowns) and hot.   There was an instruction in the Programme and the claim slip we got from PRC that we could get our PRC Identification Cards at the Oathtaking, but apparently it was a hoax to make people show up to the oathtaking. Our PRC ID’s will be released sometime May and I have to call PRC for it.

Frustrating as the oathtaking was, I felt better when I saw some old friends that I havent seen in years. My batch mate in CRESAR 69, Erick Rodriguez was there attending the oath taking of his wife.  I saw PMRB friends, officers and some people I couldn’t, for the life of me, remember their names.

However, these kinds of things bring people together and closer. I lost the feeling of wanting to sell and succeed in this line of work. But, I might just have to work at it now that I have a license. Who knows? Success may just be around the corner for me and it will be a nice MORNING for me as a realtor as well.

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