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[J-Drama] Haikei Chichihue-sama (2010)

330px-haikei_chichiue-sama This is a melancholic story of a man, Ippei, who writes imaginary letters to his father whom he doesn’t know. He struggles with knowing himself, falling in love, finding his father and realizing things about life as the town and the people around him start to change.

The story itself is sad. A deep drama that I thought would bore me to death, but it was surprisingly engaging. One follows the life of Ippei as he tries to mature in his conflicting world and a man who is struggling to come to terms that the past traditions are truly slipping away.

Ninomiya Kazunari (ARASHI) plays this role perfectly. It seems that he is a perfect fit for this super dramatic role. I have seen his work in Yamada Taro Monogatari, GANTZ, Letters from Iwo Jima, and he has most impressed me with this and Marathon. He’s really a dramatic genius. He can make me laugh silly and make me cry. He has that innocent face that makes you want to coo at him as well. He’s precious.

This drama features a cast of stars including Kanjani 8’s Yokoyama Yu and Kuroki Meisa. It’s a very slow paced drama – and would be appreciated mostly by older women. It’s a drama I would recommend for those who just want to chill and watch it. However, it became a little hard to watch when Kuroki Meisa and Nino started writing instead of speaking.

Frankly, I am not too good in reading Japanese characters yet and the translations were a bit small for TV. But, of course, it was still readable but you may have to pause a few scenes here and there.

Generally, its a drama thats Okay, it wasn’t stellar but it was good as it is.



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