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Meet the Santis.

nmIt just feels like it’s blessing after blessing after blessing after blessing this week and I am totally overwhelmed by everything that has happened. I really wanted to write about it yesterday – but I was emotionally incapable of putting words into the emotions I was feeling.

To put it in a word. It’s overwhelming.

It’s been a crazy weekend since the 14th. Since I quit my job and spent the day with N found out about his passing the ECE board exam .Since then, the blessings overflowed within me and everyone around me. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world to have such a wonderful man behind me.

So Saturday came and as we agreed before, we went back to Tagaytay to spend our morning in Thanksgiving in Little Souls and Pink Sisters. But this time, we went with his Mom. Yes, it’s the Meet the MOM I was talking about in this post 

2882-1 I was freaked out at first but it wasn’t as bad as I thought. She asked me to kiss her when we met, she totally made me feel wanted and welcome. She also told me that she foresees that N and I have a future together and gave me a book called Created to be his Help Meet  by Debi Pearl to read.  She told me to read it to help me take care of her son. I was both honored and well, scared when she started giving us marraige advise. She was a wonderful woman and she meant well but, yeah…

DSC_3542aI was a little freaked out at first. I mean, it IS the first time we met. But her advise was sound. She was smart too, now I know where the genius comes from. She was intelligent, very focused on family, God-fearing and some kind of a  model for all wives. She was amazing.

But I was honestly scared, because a woman like that would have high expectations for the woman who would take care of her only son.  That what grips me. That is what makes me stuck in what I am feeling. Yes, overwhelmed.

To top it all off, not only did I meet his mom. I met his Dad and his sisters. They were all nice and even the sweet little JG. I watched his home life. It seems that it’s picture perfect. It was a place that was filled with love and they were proud of each other. I felt that it was a place where I could belong.

But.. it’s still not time.  I feel that the one who is lacking isn’t him, but me. However, this is a blessing on my part. I mean, isn’t it any gal’s dream to be liked by the family of the one she loves.

This is only another step in our journey together. I hope that each step would be wonderful than the other. That everything will fall into place. Because, this time… I am playing for keeps.

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