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[J-Movie] GANTZ (2011)


Since I was doing the Manga to Live Action Movie thing, I thought that a good follow up to BECK would be GANTZ starring Ninomiya Kazunari (ARASHI) and Kenichi Matsuyama. It also stars Kanata Hongo of Prince of Tennis fame.  Anyway, if BECK had me bawling with its awesomeness, this movie had me in stitches in laughter and leaves much more to be desired.

The manga created by Hiroya Oku  follows  the story of Kei Kurono and his friend Masaru Kato who after saving the life of a drunk salaryman die in a train accident and become part of a semi-posthumous “game” in which they and several other recently deceased people are forced to hunt down and kill aliens armed with a handful of futuristic items of equipment and weaponry.

Though I admit, that I am not a big fan of Japanese Sci-Fi movies, this one made me  laugh a lot. I have to commend the fact that the $22M that was the film’s budget was used wisely. Aesthetically, the film was good. The effects were seamless, I loved the tight black costumes and the alien effects.  The GANTZ ball was amazing too. It was probably the one thing that made me feel that this was a worth it movie to see. ( That and seeing Nino all superheroey!~ ^_^)


Though I had to admit that the aliens themselves just made me howl in laughter. Onion Boy’s son running away and saying “I give you onion!” was classic. I also laughed at Tanaka Alien’s comedic attempts. And since it’s quirky Japanese humor, I give them that.

One big thing that I hated about this movie is that it’s freaking DUBBED Taboo for me who likes listening to melodic japanese words and series in original state. I mean it would have been different if like BECK, they were actually talking in English. But no… the characters were obviously not speaking in English and the voices used mostly didn’t fit the characters themselves and the dubbing was CHEESY.

The movie was not believable at all. Most of the “players” were not desperate nor making an effort to stay alive or live at all. In my opinion, they have already accepted that they were dead, so what’s the use of making all this fuss about trying to stay alive right? It seemed that the only character making an effort (or less effort) was Kanata’s character. And it seemed also that that character has all the answers. IF you don’t understand anything, ask the brat in the corner. Yes, You Kanata.

Nino’s acting was a little forced. I really didn’t think that this is his kind of Film. I loved him more in Yamada Taro Monogatari,  Ryusei no Kizunaeven Saigo no Yakusoku and what floored me before was Marathon. That was his genre. Not that I am saying that he should act abnormal all the time. I’m just saying that that’s what he can do. he could move people to tears. But this running around, jumping and being all superheroey isn’t his thing. I could see Jun Matsumoto or Aiba getting into it. Even Sho, but not him.

Even worse, I expected Kenichi to do better than that. It seems that his character was a scaredy cat which probably would have fit Nino more. I could see him trying to bring toughness into his role, but he kinda fails at it. I wish he could have toughened up more. That sissy act he put made the movie kind of unbearable for me to watch and seriously, I had to fast forward a lot of his scenes.

Kanata did justice to the brat thing. He had a lot of practice being Ryoma Echizen (Prince of Tennis). And his new costume and height fits him. I love it. I was seriously sad when his character died. I thought There goes the movie for me.

But I watched it to the end, and the ending made me go

Please give me back my life.

Seriously, I mean if you were a fan of the manga and the anime, you would have enjoyed this. (or Not) I bet Otakus went crazy about this, but me, seeing that I watched it because it’s a Nino movie found it a little odd. But, I have to give it to the director, he made the concept relatable and a bit easy to understand.

Though I didn’t love it and I admit to fast forwarding scenes that dragged for me. It was an okay watch. Maybe next time, I’ll just lay of Japanese Sci-Fi movies.

Well, at least Nino was cute and Kanata was an adorable brat. That made up for it’s dorkiness and FAIL.


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