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[J-Drama] プロポーズ兄弟 (Propose Kyoudai)(2011)


This drama is a love comedy that follows 4 very different types of men who grew up in a very normal household, a first child, a middle child, a youngest child, and an only child. This drama portrays the transformation of the guys as they meet someone and begin to realize their own weaknesses and their strengths, and are able to find true happiness

– Fuji TV

Propose Kyoudai – Fuji TV’s Valentine Special Drama this year is a funny 4 part Tanpatsu romantic comedy that tugged the heart strings of women and men alike. It stars Sato Ryuta ( Rookies) as Tanaka Ichiro the eldest son of the Tanaka family, Koike Teppei as Tanaka Jiro the capable 2nd son of the family, Nakamura Aoi as Tanaka  Saburo  the baby of the family. Ito Atsushi stars as Tanaka Kazuo the cousin of the Tanaka brothers who lived with them just like a brother. The plot is all about  how each of  character meets the girl of their dreams and how they each make their unique proposals to them.

I love the wordplay and the “stereotyping” in this drama just because it encapsulates in a short comedy four very typical types of men. In fact the names used in this drama are rather  straightforward which goes along with the characterization that they are portraying. For instance, Ichiro means First son, Jiro commonly means 2nd son and naturaly Saburo means 3rd son. Ironically, Kazuo means “peaceful man” or “one man”. I normally do not like stereotyping but the drama has done it quite well, without making it corny or quite annoying.

The ladies that were proposed to in the drama included :Anne as Sasaki Aya, a clumsy young woman which Ichiro, the eldest could nurture and take care of, Sasaki Nozomi as Watanabe Minami – the gorgeous receptionist which Jiro falls in love with and challenges for,  Motokariya Yuika as Ito Mao- the motherly type that changes Saburo’s life and  Becky as Suzuki Saki a woman whose liveliness and boisterousness transform the perpetually alone Kazuo and makes him more social.

This drama was a fun watch. It was effortless to watch and the eye-candy was great ( Especially Teppei, who I’ve been a fan of forever). I was also pleased to find Nakamura Aoi (which looks so similar to Nishikido Ryo of NEWS) in the drama. I enjoyed it as a whole. Even if it’s not mind blowing, it’s a good way to pass my off day.

The whole drama is light – without much depth and easy to watch. I love how you could easily digest each story without thinking about it too much. There is no passionate love scenes, everything is just light and breezy and just right to make you feel good, light hearted and a giddy.


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2 thoughts on “[J-Drama] プロポーズ兄弟 (Propose Kyoudai)(2011)

  1. Nice review. Yes, it’s cute to watch but nothing to get obsessed over. Thanks for linking our blog.

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