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[J Movie] Chonmage Purin (2011)

Plot: ( Because I am a lazy bitch, it’s from wiki) Kijima Yasube (Ryo Nishikido), a samurai from the Edo Period, travels through time – 180 years – to arrive in present day Japan. He then meets divorcee Hiroko (Rie Tomosaka) & her son Tomoya (Fuku Suzuki). Yasube ends up working for Hiroko as a housemaid in return for food and lodging. One day. Yasube starts to make pastries for Tomoya, which leads to Yasube become popular patissier. In the process the three become very close, but the moment they must say good bye also draws near . 854-M-eiga

I watched it mainly because Nishikido Ryo in a top knot was too hard to resist watching. Just for the general public’s knowledge, I am hands down, a Nishikido Ryo fangirl. So him being in a movie, wearing traditional clothing and a top knot and baking was simply too yummy for me to resist. It took me a while to finish downloading it but it was well worth it. First, the simple plot was engaging. It was light, and a lot of lessons could be picked up from it. I thought Ryo played the part of the confused samurai Kijima very well. The kid, Suzuki-chan was very cute.

I think what made a mark for me in that movie aside from Nishikido was the fact that it discussed changes in values from the old times to the new. First it discussed the domestic role of men and women and how it changed over time. In the old days, women were made for the house and men earned money for the family. However, nowadays women are more empowered – yet they still have the primary duty of caring for the family. However, there are the housebands who now does what the women do while women could be the breadwinners. Next, it showed how different disciplining the children and how a lot of values from before were lost in time. Then, there is the adjustment and how to handle yourself in different situations and finally how true discipline, hard work and sacrifice can help you attain self –actualization in life.

It’s a great movie. Ryo was amazing in it and I believe that my score for this one is 8/10 stars. Would definitely watch this again.

<img style=”display: inline; margin: 0;” src=”; alt=”” width=”165″ height=”236″ align=”right” />Plot: ( Because I am a lazy bitch, it’s from wiki)


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