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[J-Movie] BECK (2010)

beck movie poster I haven’t been so overwhelmed by a movie that it totally moved me to tears. Beck the movie certainly has that effect on me. I have been a fan of BECK (Mongolian Chop Squad)  written by Harold Sakuishi,since I got introduced to the manga years ago, then the anime came and I fell in love with it more. I was thrilled to hear that a Live Action Movie was coming out and even more thrilled when I heard that two of my favorite actors Mizushima Hiro and Sato Takeru were playing leads (Ryusuke and Koyuki respectively).

The plot follows the birth and of an five member amazing band, its ups and downs, and relationships as it travels the road to stardom.

40989_146826962017103_146052118761254_271716_4413653_nThe cast itself blew me away. The second vocalist and the rapper Chiba,one of my most favorite characters in the manga and anime was played to perfection by the charismatic actor Kenta Kiritani.Saku, the smiling faced and calm drummer  is played by the sweet faced  Aoi Nakamura and Osamu Mukai plays the sexy and talented bassist Taira. Maho, the beautiful younger sister of Ryusuke is played by Shiori Kutsuna.


I actually worried about how they would find people who actually looked like the manga characters. Not that they were unrealistic, but finding people who could act and look the same as these characters would totally bring the movie to life. I was so pleased with the casting. They even found the right freaky looking dog for Beck and Saitou-san and Sato-san.The casting wins.  HANDS DOWN.BECK-MovieBECK

So now that I’ve raved about the dog and the cast, it’s time to totally rave about the cinematography. Let’s just say, I was hooked from the opening scene with the rain and Koyuki in the classroom up to the last frame where they were group hugging and doing that circle thing. The cinematographer and director were both brilliant. This movie is a piece of art. I seriously recommend to everyone to see it.

music_ph01Though, there was a point where I was confused why Koyuki’s voice was muted, I soon understood that the director wanted the viewers not to listen to Koyuki’s voice but for it to remain a mystery. That trick worked. I am left wanting more and more and more. I wanted to hear Koyuki’s voice at the end but they didn’t make an unmuted version – not that Sato Takeru can’t sing. It’s just that Koyuki’s voice is supposed to move you with it’s brilliance.

The imagery shown during his singing bits were enough to move me to tears. I could imagine the sound of his voice. I believe that that rawness – that feeling of wanting more was what the director wanted to create in the viewers. It excited me in a way that no other movie did for me.

The movie hugged the plot of the manga/ anime closely. It showed and portrayed the best parts of the story without fuzz. It built in me excitement, I felt the feelings of Ryuusuke whose life was on the line for his art. Hiro Mizushima totally moved me to tears. It was so brilliant that I am barely cohesive right now. I could barely string the words together to tell you how much I loved the film.

Since it is a music film, I could say that I enjoyed the soundtrack for this movie. I loved the Anime Soundtrack but this was fresh for me. I would really love to hear real versions of “Naked” by the Dying Breed, “Moon Beams” and “Looking Back”. It seems that these songs are just blips and unwritten (or are clips of SPANK PAGE, the band they used for the movie).

Evolution is totally amazing. I think the way they perform it brings chills to my spine.Yuta_Furukawa_as_Yoshito_Morozumi God. I just get chills thinking about it. If only BECK were real, I’ll go to Japan and watch them like a crazy fangirl I am.

It’s a wonderful movie. I will watch it over and over again. And to put icing on the cake of this already wonderful movie, I had to squeal my TeniMyu Fandomness because former Fuji Syuusuke Furukawa Yuuta plays the role of Yoshito Morozumi of Belle Ame in the film.Isn’t life grand?



and did I say that it was a Brilliant movie? Just asking.




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