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Tagaytay Trip: Eat, Pray, Love

dreamy We drove up to Tagaytay yesterday to pray for N’s upcoming ECE exams. We have  We went to two churches: Pink Sisters and Little Souls.  We first heard mass at Little Souls and then went to Pink Sisters to pray for intentions. It was a date I have been looking forward to for weeks. It finally materialized.

As we went up there, conversations went from past relationships to our future came about. I was thrilled to have such easy conversation with him. There were fears in me that thought it would be awkward. But it was so easy – and mature. There were no pretenses, just straight conversation and I enjoyed it. Some people may think we would be boring – but we just enjoy it.


Then we came to the Church. Little Souls and we had a solemn and beautiful mass there, prayed and I really felt comfortable with it. After that, we visited Pink Sisters which is famous and which I believed made all my prayers come true. (It’s where I prayed for someone like him. *wink*)

Taking him there is something kind of intimate for me. Because honestly, I haven’t been there with anyone but my family. So this was different for me. New, raw, and really something I could say that is special. Then again, everything about this relationship is new and raw…


Little Souls Convent


I know that this is unusual for a date. You usually would think that for a Tagaytay date, we should go to romantic spots like people’s park or Palace in the Sky. But we had no intention of going there. We had a schedule to keep, a purpose in our trip. The goal: To pray for his exams, get to mass and spend time with each other. Goal obtained.


remote_image20100725-6760-d77n46-0We feasted at Balinsasayaw. It is in Silang, Cavite. I love the place.I eat there with the family. It serves filipino/ Japanese cuisine in a unique setting.

Each table is set up in mini “bahay kubo” or cottages so you get your own level of privacy. Around you, you see greenery, flowers, birds and well.. the country. The air was sweet, the food is well mid-range and not too pricey but amazing.  I always thought it was going to be a great date place and I was right.

N & I enjoyed our feast. Most particularly the crispy kangkong and the chop suey. Though, if you go there, I recommend the crispy pata, sisig and calamares. It’s not too high class and it’s comparably cheaper than Tagaytay prices. Plus what you are paying for is the amazing ambiance that the restaurant offers. 




After lunch, we walked around and decided to look at the flowers. My N’s amazing photography skills was practiced. I admire him for having such a passion for Nature ( He’s a farm boy after all). 


hands2We really do not have to talk about it. Much is said with the graze of the finger and the touch of a hand. The gentleness from that moment sends it straight to the heart. An affectionate pat on the cheek may say multitudes: “Thank you for being you and I l love you for who you are. You are special to me.” Words that normally, you would not express in everyday conversation.

He took this picture and I think, it’s the most beautiful expression of our relationship right now.  Tenderly holding flowers, treating everything with care and love. Full trust and understanding. There is honesty in the hands that words can’t even fathom to express. This is what Love is to me.

hands3It was simple. We went there, had a great time together. We didn’t  have to be romantic. We simply had a good time together. We didn’t do the sweet nothings nor try to cheese it up. But we knew instinctively that we cared about each other. It was obvious. Our hands do the talking.

Even if we were talking about everything else. We knew that this was special. All the way up there, he never let go of my hand, even when he was driving. That alone told me that he needed me. That alone expressed that there is trust. That alone made me happy.

This trip is one for the books. I remember it simply because it was the first time that I truly experienced how to eat, pray and love.



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