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I am Dragon. Hear me Roar.

angry_dragon_may_eat_you_angry_woman_dangerous_magnet-p147224002502444887qjy4_400 Today I acted like a brat. A total insufferable brat. I woke up with the case of the Crank this morning. Wait, who am I kidding? I’ve been cranky since last night. It must be something in the air because, I am normally a happy skipper in the morning.  But this morning, I was in Dragon Mode.

It’s like move over people, or I bite your goddamn heads off. RAWR. And no, it’s definitely not PMS. ( Or is it?! — nah)By lunch time, I was ready to murder people. So, I took a walk.

The walk did wonders for me. It lifted my mood temporarily. I got a breath of polluted air and I got out of the office. At the very least, I didn’t want to kill. Only to maim, but that’s hardly harmful. So, I simmered down.

It took two cups of creamy coffee, a text from my boyfriend and a cup of chocolate ice cream to make me feel alright. ( I regret the ice cream already).

Then I asked myself: What was I pissed off about again?

I guess I think way too much for my sake. I use my brain way too much. I think about things until they make me emo. It’s one annoying trait of mine. I piss myself off and then it takes me a long while to realize what I’m pissed off about.  I need to really stop that.

It also usually takes a LOT  to piss me off.  But lately, the pissy levels have been escalating. Could it be because of the the SUPERMOON? ( o.O) I doubt it.

So, what makes marikit tick?

  1. Dumb People.  I  can’t stand idiots. I can’t stand people who I have to talk down to. I can’t stand people who stare at you with blank faces. I just can’t stand it more if you already teach them and they can’t seem to pick it up after 10,000 repetitions. Theyre a waste of time, space and effort. Oh, I also hate dumb people who pretend to be smart.
  2. Traffic.  There we go I have road rage. There are so many dumb people in the road. I mean seriously. Traffic rules, whut?!  Explains why I can’t drive in Manila. (again, it all boils down to dumb people)
  3. Waiting in line. I hate wasting time. I hate long lines, I hate long waits. I hate long queues that makes you watch dumb people as they try to squeeze in in front of you and cheat you out of your spot.
  4. Hypocrites and Gossipmongers. Because gossip is never productive and its harmful. and it seems that they belong in the same category. That’s all.
  5. Being Idle. I cant stand wasting time doing absolutely nothing.

That’s the short list of course. I can’t imagine being angry for so long. Being angry takes effort and time. And it is such a waste.

I’ll try not to get too mad from now on.  If I can help it.




A 30 something fangirl, writer, artist and dreamer, a princess by day and ninja by night who believes in magic, true love and wants to change the world one brush stroke at a time. Marikit is a self-taught artist learning more about art and the world around her.

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