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Barbie Girl

gyaru3 I’m a Barbie Girl
In a Barbie world ,
Life in plastic  — It’s fantastic
You can brush my hair,
Undress me anywhere
Imagination- life is your creation

I will be completely honest and say that I am dreading going back to work.  Tomorrow, I quit being naturally me again to battle with people in what I call “Barbie Mode”.  BARBIE MODE?  What the hell?!

Barbie Mode is when I go to work looking extremely pretty, smiling, and being all sunshine when  I honestly hate it there. I hate the people. I hate being hypocritical, I hate acting that I am alright when I am not. 

The truth is, I am not the only one who is playing nice. They are on their side too. It’s just that we need to act pretty so that people would not talk. ( But I know they do talk behind my back). But it’s only a month now. One more month of being Barbie. Just one more month of pretending and then I’ll be gone.

I can’t wait.



A 30 something fangirl, writer, artist and dreamer, a princess by day and ninja by night who believes in magic, true love and wants to change the world one brush stroke at a time. Marikit is a self-taught artist learning more about art and the world around her.

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