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[Movie] Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac

If you want a movie to tear up on, and spend  a good two hours thinking about lost loves and memories, this is the movie for you. I really didn’t expect much of this movie. It is obvious why I bought this movie. Yuya Tegoshi. Member of NEWS and Hirokita Maki. I have heard of this before, never really paid attention to it until now when I saw it in my favorite store.

The story was about this girl, Naomi who tripped on the stairs and lost four years of her memories. It is a struggle story of getting herself back and rediscovering herself as she tries to recover her memories.  It is a story of change and sometimes, finding out what is important in life. It is a movie that discusses the value of choice and self love and knowledge. It shows Naomi falling in love, finding herself lost and finding who truly loves her and what is important to her.

I sometimes envy the chance Naomi got to reinvent herself and restart her life like she did. She had the excuse of being an amnesiac. There are things that I do want to forget in my life. Forever, if possible. I too am like Naomi in some ways that I have changed myself to find who I really am and what I value the most.

Like Naomi, I feel lost and unstable. I have to relearn a lot of things about myself. Burn bridges and get back old people that I have lost through the years. This kind of self discovery and actualization is a process that all people has to make to find their true happiness.

This movie made my heart ache for love again. A chance to find love when you’re not looking or maybe you’re completely ignoring the person who cares for you the most. Maybe like Naomi I could find my one true love again too.

But for now, I will settle for reinventing myself and getting myself back on my feet.

GREAT MOVIE. I would truly watch it again



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