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As a recovering/recovered FFXI addict, I have been following the release of FFXIV closely – FFXIV is a new MMORPG from square enix that promises amazing graphics, and a great storyline that is supposed to release September 30, 2010 for PC users and  March 2011 for PS3 users. The game follows the lead of the former and still running successful MMORPG Final Fantasy XI ( which ate about 3-4 years of my  life).

While FFXI was set in Vana’diel and is kind of set in the Aristocratic age and is more classic High fantasy, the new game is set in Eorzea which promises to have a mix of science fiction and classic fantasy elements. Which makes me think of maybe something like Phantasy Star or something but of course – it will be better because it is Square.


I am particularly excited about the Races that are coming out for the game. I heard that they are similar to FFXI ( only better).  Generally here is what I know:


The Human race are played by Hyuran/ Hyur in the game which is like the Humes of FFXI – still statistically the safest bet and all rounder type however there is one major difference.  The Hyuran are now divided to Midlanders which are the most cultured and educated characters in Eorzea (probably most suited for mages) while Highlanders  are made for melee because they are larger and bulkier and ONLY MALE characters are allowed for Highlanders.

Elves are portrayed in FFXI as Elvaan (Tall "beautiful" people who live in San’doria and they are very royal, high strung and aristocratic). However, in FFXIV they are Elezen or woodsfolk – and they are divided into two groups the Elezen of the Wildwood which are day dwellers and excellent archers because they are gifted with the gift of sight. While There are the Elezen of Duskwight which lives in the dark caves etc and are gifted in hearing (making them excellent scouts/marauders or thieves)

As one of my favorite races, I was excited to see that these mini people are back in the game. The Taru-taru are mouselike/Hamsterlike people with high intelligence that live in WIndurst. I love them because they are so cute and childlike. However, in FFXIV the cuteness continues with the Lallafel which are cute  but NOT AS CUTE AS THE TARUS.  They are divided to the Plainsfolk who live in the Prairies and are highly magical and reminds me highly of the Hobbit.And the Dunesfolk who spend their lives on top of beasts of burden (and are most likely beasttamers/ summoners) and have zodiac signs on their head. I cant wait to see them in action.


The Galka is represented in this game as  the Roegadyn which is definitely the wolf race. They are originally said to be pirates and are divided to 2 parts.  Hells Guard guard the gates to hell and are Dark Magic users. Oh GOD, can you believe galkas using magic properly? :)  Zhraven would be surprised with this. 🙂 The 2nd part is the Seawolves which are Naval Mercenaries of great power.  and as usually only MALE for this race


Finally, my favorite race. MITHRA which are represented in this game as Miqo’te or Mikotte 🙂 They are cat women that are again divided into two groups. Seekers of the Sun and Seekers of the Moon.

(*・.・)ノ ・:*:・゚’★.。・:*:・゚’☆♪

Judging from the races. It seems that it is a battle of dark and light. Interesting, I am curious how this will play out in the end. Will there be ultimate fights between the two sides? Will there be union between two kinds? Apparently, choosing dark or light will affect your static attributes and what kind of specials that the race offer. Also by dividing it, it gives the person more choices, a wider variety of decisions to make in character creation. Interesting, interesting. Good work Square!!


During the Vanafest 2010 which celebrated FFXI’s 8th year, the beta/alpha testing was announced and they said that the XP and Jobs System will be different than what is done in FFXI. They also announced that though the races are classic Final Fantasy there is such a thing as "Character Development" Which will be altered by weapon use. Meaning, the more you use the weapon the more your character will alter or something.

But does that mean that the characters/avatars will be more limited now? Will they not be as flexible as FFXI avatars which can change Jobs at will? Do you now have to choose one job style and stick with it, because of your character/avatar development? These are some of the questions that entered my head as I read the reviews. I want to satisfy my curiosity about it and it is so tempting to play.

Another thing to note is that they removed again the Job Levelling system ( which is the same change they did in FFII) and returned to the classic weapons and skills concentration.

But how can I be different from the other characters?

Well, that is where the Character Development comes in. When you XP you don’t XP for Levelling – you XP for weapons and skills expertise ( the same as old Final Fantasy games) and you can earn Attribute Points which you could use to adjust and customize your character’s other attributes like DEX, HP, etc.

Therefore, in the end, no two avatars will be exactly alike. THe character play will personalized to the individual playing that character – and that, I think is awesome.

I like this character development system that they developed because, when I was in FFXI one thing that was the problem was the Level Discrepancies and the Job Levels were just a pain to go through. At least with this system the discrimination will be lessened – more or less there is a balance.

Oh, I also heard that solo play is also encouraged and though group play is still there it is de-emphasized. Meaning Linkshell wars will be lessened, and I think SE is hoping for less player problems.  I experienced it myself and it is not pretty. They go even as far as ruining the person personally – gamers could be really passionate for their games.


It looks like a super good game. One thing that I hate though, and I have posted it before is that their rule on the eight hours per week XP system. So, what are we supposed to do the rest of the time? Are we paying for playing just 8 hours a week? Thats so cheap, Square.

But then again it’s a good game and this may still change. If you are curious about the job system, I’ll discuss the Job System in my next entry. Watch for it!


A 30 something fangirl, writer, artist and dreamer, a princess by day and ninja by night who believes in magic, true love and wants to change the world one brush stroke at a time. Marikit is a self-taught artist learning more about art and the world around her.


  1. Well, that is if you can even get your computer to run the game. David and I have had NO luck with the beta test.

    It’s like they expect you to have an alienware computer(top of the line) to run the damn game.

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