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[Word 100 Challenge] 004. Okaeri (Welcome back!)

Okaeri!(おかえりなさい) means “Welcome back!” in Japanese. It is usually coupled with “Tadaima!” (I’m home!/ I have returned!) that is said when one is returning from absence.

Okaeri. It feels nice to say it. Especially when you see people come back from work or even from a trip. It makes them feel that you are indeed happy to have them return.

It is just fitting for me to say it this time. I have a couple friends that I have in mind to say it. One, a college friend who just came home for a vacation though she is now based in Singapore. We haven’t seen each other in YEARS. So this will be an exciting treat to see her.  And the second, a good friend from our little group NO BORDER, our Little Miss Sunshine, who came from Italy.

It is a word  I say to people who are returning after a long journey. I am eager to hear stories about the places they have been to, things they have seen or experienced away from home. But I am also willing to offer them the things they missed at home, the company and the welcoming arms that truly say, Yes, you are home.  and even just by saying it makes the other person  feel loved and missed.

There is a song that’s entitled Okaeri, by Ayaka that I love. I have chosen a few stanzas that I think are beautiful from the song.

Okaeri (Ayaka)

welcome home, sweetheart
a place to go home to yeah
thanks for your love

welcome home, im home
with one word my heart is satisfied
welcome home, where love
has a place to go home to yeah
thanks for your love

welcome home, sweetheart
accelerating the speed of everyday
welcome home, im home
there will always be this unchanging scenery
sweet home

search for the missing
wound in your heart
thing that made me fight and go on
was because there was a “welcome home”

The words “Okaeri” or “Welcome home.” is necessary. It makes people feel that they are still wanted and needed by the people they have left for a while. Let’s make sure we use it.



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