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[Word 100 Challenge] 001. Jingoism

FOI_logo Jingoism. The word itself is funny to say and funny to hear. In my mind I see a flash of   Senator Jinggoy Estrada’s image. Yet, might as well be so because Jingoism means extreme chauvinism or nationalism marked especially by a belligerent foreign policy.  

It might not be foreign, but we could apply this to our current circumstances right now. Many are furious to the point of being hateful at  the scenes at the 14th Congress Session about the  FREEDOM OF INFORMATION BILL.   It is still apparent that the FORMER (think hobbit  in baby blue) still manifests some form of  malevolent power over many of our representatives even though she is now not in a position of power.

It was painfully obvious during the session that House Speaker Prospero Nograles  and his other colleagues who were conveniently absent for the roll call for the session  are still enamoured by her power. There were scripted exchanges – and it is insulting that they did not even attempt to hide this treason.

“The failure of Congress to pass the Freedom of Information bill is a shameless betrayal," Fr. Edu Gariguez, executive secretary of the CBCP- National Secretariat for Social Action said.

If the bill been ratified and become law, it would have allowed people to access to public records and required government agencies to make available to the public all information pertaining to official acts, transactions, and government research data. Since the bill has retroactive effect, it would be easy to catch corrupt officials and it would force the government to be transparent.

Now, I see… that is why they are hiding it. Maybe the skeletons in their closets are made of Gold and are made from the money of the Filipino people. Maybe, there are no skeletons in their closets – but there are bagfuls of cash from red tape. Maybe this is what they fear. Maybe, they think that by scripting their sessions and making an obvious fool out of the Filipino people, they would be saved. Wrong.

In fact, the Filipino People don’t buy it. It is a fact that we are done with stupid governments ( and the President Elect has something to prove regarding that ) But, if the Aquino government would ratify this bill , maybe, just maybe I could go easy on him. Maybe the people’s opinion of him would improve. I am thinking, if he doesn’t grab that opportunity and this golden chance to prove himself, then he is indeed whacked in the head.

Peopled have fought for this law for TWELVE years. It is just right that they become Jingoistic for it. After the senate approved the act, they celebrated, thinking that the day of true victory was at hand. However when they were smacked in the face by the gavel toting Nograles, they realized that the fight wasn’t over. They realized that Nograles didn’t grab the opportunity to change the face of Philippine Politics and his chance to be written up as a hero in Philippine History. Instead, he became a villain. Maybe he preferred that role.

I will not blame the people who went ballistic with rage, wept bitter tears and became hostile after the gavel was banged. Their jingoistic actions were warranted. If I were there, I would be like that too. I wouldn’t be surprised that if rubbed wrongly or appealed to, these people who believe in this law would start raising up arms for it. Now, that is true Jingoism.

And as if to add insult to injury, when the 14th Congress adjourned last Friday, the hall was being prepared for an HONOR GIVING CEREMONY FOR THE CONGRESS. What honor did the 14th Congress have after murdering this law? None.


Interested in the shame of the 14th Congress? You can read more about it here.



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