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Hitting the Relax Button

relaxbutton Everyday stress hits you, and it hits you hard. It starts on Monday and ends on Friday. It keeps going and going and going until you can’t take it anymore. Your palms are sweaty, you can’t think or you’re thinking too much that you are having a nervous breakdown. You have consumed enough cups of coffee that you’re shaking.Your heart is palpitating and to top it all off, you’re having a bad hair day. It’s in this time that you want to just cry, scream, freak out or all of the above.


Sometimes, you just have to breathe. Three seconds. One deep breath is all it needs to calm down. It’s the body’s natural antidote to stress. I close my eyes and think of the blue sky, the beach, or even my Zim and for that moment, every stressful thing goes away. I think clearer. I move faster. I am happier.

I work in an office where Stress is normal, relaxation is the thing of the past and where work piles up to the Nth level each time you look at your inbox. Sometimes you just want to scream. But people here find ways to relax in their own way.

Ms. Elle, our Docs Officer, use music. WIth her pink shuffle perpetually on and earphones stuck in her ear, we hear her magical voice singing whenever she has about ten million things to do. Lou, the Executive Clerk, reads PDFs of his favorite books in spurts to relax. Kath, looks at her baby’s pictures and eats snacks. I use music, blasting through my computer’s speakers and tweeting to relax. I also drink tea/ hot chocolate or sometimes coffee.

Though, during the times when stress is at an all time high. Everyone does the same thing.They stop a moment, close their eyes, take a deep breath (or several) and refocus.  That’s not all… here are ten  tips to make sure that you relax at work.

  1. Look at something green or a plant.
  2. Squeeze a stress ball
  3. small talk with a friend ( though not too long)
  4. Keep aromatherapy oils at your desk. Lavender and mint work wonders. (I have been studying and using aromatherapy for 13 years and find it works miracles when having a bad day, can’t get the brain moving, need to relax, or need to perk up. Very beneficial for every aspect of your life.)
  5. Smile =) (even fake ones! studies show positive effects that happen even if the smile is fake)
  6. Give yourself a mini hand massage. Grab the lotion in your desk and knead your tired fingers. (Now close your eyes and pretend you are at a spa… ahhhh)
  7. Soothe weary eyes. Rub palms together vigorously to create heat and place them over your eyes for a full minute.
  8. pray. talking to HIM works!!
  9. Look at a relaxing picture or a picture of a loved one.
  10. Take deep breath throughout the day. This will keep you relaxed and relieve any tension that has built up.

Hope you guys have a stress free week!



A 30 something fangirl, writer, artist and dreamer, a princess by day and ninja by night who believes in magic, true love and wants to change the world one brush stroke at a time. Marikit is a self-taught artist learning more about art and the world around her.

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