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Easy Job? What?!

lott There is no such thing as an easy job. If I can get a job where I can just blog and surf the net and do nothing while earning my millions, well then, sign me up. But of course there is no existing records of said job, I have to love the employment I am in – no matter how insanity inducing it gets.

I got seriously pissed off when a friend of mine messaged me in my half-awake state at about 12:00 midnight  last night when I woke up for no apparent reason at all.  I checked my facebook because I couldn’t sleep. My former thesis partner messaged me out of the blue. The conversation went a little like this.

P: Hi Marikit!

Me: Yo, im half asleep

P: Where do you work right now?

Me: MLSC, the family biz. You?

P:Makati.  I just handed in my resignation.

Me: Why? Ang hirap pa naman makahanap ng trabaho ngayon.

P: Ang Hirap eh.(It was difficult)

M: There is no such thing as an easy job, P. Why did you resign?

P: Because I wanted to be in Logistics and purchasing

M: Choosy ka. You just started employment. You shouldn’t be choosing your jobs at the moment. You don’t have that right yet. Maybe when you have built up your resume, you can. But NOT NOW.  I mean, what will they say if they see you job hopping like you are now?

P: I don’t like it there, the job is too hard. They make me do stuff

M: What do you do?

P: Take calls, Type, sometimes i enter stuff in the database. I also go out do errands and go file logistic papers. Sometimes I get to go and find clients.  What do you do?

M: And you think that’s difficult?  I hate you.

Honestly, I do. He’s complaining about things that are not to be complained about. He’s whining about HAVING a job when people are going nuts trying to FIND a job. He has one already, the only thing he has to do is KEEP it. But since he’s being a brat, he let go of the all important employment in this dog eat dog, unemployment high times. Well, might as well, maybe the post will go to someone who really need and wants the job. Someone who deserves to work. Someone who is willing to go through the motions to get job security and satisfaction.

I mean, I have screened a lot of fresh grads in the time that I have looked for people for the missing positions in our company. And what I have learned is that most of them are very particular about one thing.

“How much is the starting salary?”

Ah-nnoying. They are very choosy especially when they hear a low number. Say anything below 10gs and they would just clam up. Listen kids, you’re getting experience. That’s priceless. You haven’t worked enough to gain a 20k salary – unless of course, you choose employment in Zombieland –er- I mean BPOs/Call Center.

What you should be looking for is a decent 9-5 job with benefits and a decent salary where you can use your newly acquired knowledge to the fullest. Even if it’s doing petty jobs, love it. Because its not exactly a gold mine of jobs out there. When you get to the point that you have the experience, you have the position then, YOU could be choosy. But for now live with it.

This makes me grateful for my job. Even if it is sanity inducing at least I am part of the Working Force.

I love my job…

I love my job…

I love my job…

I love my job…

I love my job…

I love my job…

I love my job…



A 30 something fangirl, writer, artist and dreamer, a princess by day and ninja by night who believes in magic, true love and wants to change the world one brush stroke at a time. Marikit is a self-taught artist learning more about art and the world around her.

2 thoughts on “Easy Job? What?!

  1. I love this blog…

    I love this blog…

    I love this blog…

    I love this blog…

    I love this blog…

    I love this blog…

    I love this blog…

    i love this blog…

    My company is having difficulty recruiting for the same reasons you’ve mentioned.

    My company is about to lose the distributorship rights to Procter & Gamble products because I can’t find an applicant who is willing to handle dozens of product variants of P&G. The response has consistenly been, “lisod” or difficult.

    Oh boy. How will our country grow if we choose the easy path?

    I love your no-nonsense advice to these job seekers.

    And oh, I didn’t know BPO/Call Centers are “Zombieland.”

    Is it because of lack of progression or the graveyard shift, or both? 😀

    1. Jake, Zombieland is because of both. 🙂 People go there to earn money in exchange for their health. 😛 And yes, the newly grads are all idiots, they have this shimmering shining splendid idea of employment in their heads yet they don’t want to pull their weight for it. It makes me want to smack them all.

      Seriously. we will never progress.

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