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Oh Noy !Oh Boy: Oh God, Save us!

Secretary Boy?! OH BOY...

Noynoy wants Boy Abunda in his government – Nation – GMANews.TV – Official Website of GMA News and Public Affairs – Latest Philippine News


I really do not know what to think anymore.  I had a deep sinking feeling that Ms. Kris Aquino would have something to do with her brother’s decisions and I know that she would include in her plans her cute circle of friends that she works with. I mean, I do not mind the Boy and Kris tandem- as show hosts, they are talented and entertaining. As friends, they are extraordinary – I mean I know how they care about each other personally and I know that they have gone through a lot together. But as statesmen — that’s a whole other ballgame.

I personally disagree with this idiotic idea that a gossipmonger should act as a statesman for our motherland for several reasons:

First, As good as Noy’s intentions are, this is a sign of his incompetency. He is supposed to choose advisers who are wise, educated and honest members of society. Experts in their field and who can help the country grow and prosper for the next six years.  He has to pick someone unbiased, and someone who can make rational and practical decisions for the country.

Boy is not a good choice. True that he has an expertise in hosting, public speaking, marketing and gossipmongering, but that would not help the country. True that he is excellent at communicating ( It’s his JOB, doh!?)  but he doesn’t have enough public service experience nor the qualifications to hold such a high post in the Philippine Government. I mean, what would he do? Scandalmonger so we can get tourists?

He was WISE to decline the spot of SECRETARY OF TOURISM that Noy offered him. He knew that it was wrong – and at the very least, he was thinking. Boy probably knew he couldn’t do it as well. He declined it maybe because he knew it was too big for him. Plus, he had his calling to share celebrity secrets to the Philippines, because with Kristeta gone from the Buzz, he has a duty to the grapevine to be an informant and always in the loop.

But this makes me think, there are many OTHER worthy candidates for Cabinet positions who are more learned albeit unpopular, and can help the country but why did our president-elect choose this man who is his sister’s best friend?

Second, I was just getting at that. Mr. Boy Abunda is practically family to the Aquinos. That being said, it is a very biased, very one sided and immature decision by Noy. It’s like when we were picking teams as children, we would pick people we know first then leave the people who are out of the loop for last, right? But what if those people are better players? We miss out on them because we have our loyalties set on someone who is close and next to us- which is not really practical nor rational. To be honest, this is quite a selfish/ greedy of Noy, and this is the perfect example of NEPOTISM at it’s finest. Just because you know a person doesn’t mean he’s the right man for the job.

Third, this is the second time Noy showed some signs of malicious despotic behavior. First was with SC Chief Justice Corona and his refusal and plain as day vigilant rejection of that appointment. Second is with this total stupid appointment.  I mean, seriously – who would take the Philippine Tourism or the Philippines itself seriously when our government is run by a bunch of clowns?

We have fashionistas (Imelda,Riza, Lucy Torres Gomez) for congress/senate. Action stars in the Senate as well. Congressman Pacquiao, the Pambansang Kamao turned Congressman. We still have GMA in congress as well, and a mad woman (who is a necessary evil in our senate), Miriam in senate. Add to that, our country is being run by a person who doesn’t want to reveal the results of his psychiatric test.

I won’t be surprised if Noy turns into a megalomaniac. Seriously. He has the symptoms of being one. God, I bet you he won’t even finish his term. I only pray to God that he sends a miracle. Because honestly, that’s all that can save the country now from it’s serious EPIC FAIL.


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