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101 Proofs of Geekiness

I found a good blog on the Freshly Pressedabout geekhood. I was inspired to admit to my own inner geek and channel it.  To tell you the absolute truth, beyond this fashionista girl exterior, there is a full blown 100% baddasstastical geekazoid living in me.  How geeky is geeky?  This is serious. I  And if you want proof, I have it.

The picture on te left is one. That is how I used to look before. 🙂 and I thought that was cool 🙂 ( HEY! IT WAS AND I MADE THAT HAT!)

PSo if you really want to kno, below are my 100 Proofs that I am a geek.

  1. I have read and watched the Lord of the Rings more than ten times.  (This is extended version WITH the bonus discs)
  2. I have done the same for Harry Potter.
  3. I know how to speak Sindarin and Quenya (Elven Language).
  4. Have written her own code.
  5. I have written fan fiction and read fanfiction as well as have a  steady stream of demanding  fanfiction readers.
  6. Can play Games through an emulator
  7. I have roleplayed online.
  8. I have done live roleplaying.
  9. I have cosplayed.
  10. I have belief that Ninjas are better than pirates. (HANDS DOWN)
  11. I know the jutsu hand symbols by heart.
  12. I watch anime.
  13. I have finished more than 5- series of anime
  14. I have a collection of over 75 Japanese Dramas
  15. I study Japanese Language as a hobby..
  16. I enjoy reading the dictionary and get excited over new vocabulary.
  17. Uses the following words regularly: supercalifragilisticispialidocious ,belligirent, Highly improbable, stupefied, idiosyncrasy
  18. I have wasted three years of my life playing MMORPGS (Hello FFXI! I miss you, Jeuno, Vana’diel!).
  19. I played Final Fantasy (not all of them yet, i still have yet to play XIV and XIII)
  20. I have been known to answer to my character’s names. ( Scarlette, Marikit, Rumplestiltskin, Rumpleteaser)
  21. I have played Evercrack — er Everquest, Dungeons and Dragons
  22. Researches and reads about Geishas and Japanese Culture all the time
  23. I played Earth and Beyond til it died. ( YES, I WAS THERE)
  24. Can talk about character specs for FFXI at length, as well as how to earn money in game.
  25. I had played more than one MMORPG at one time
  26. I lead a linkshell (guild). I have built forums for these guilds.
  27. Actually earns more money in-game than out of game
  28. Have actually had pink, blue, green, purple  and red hair.
  29. I met up with people from linkshell and talk to them regularly.
  30. I ace at fighter games ( tekken, soul cal) and finish the arcade games easily. ( my boyfriend was pwned)
  31. I use the word Pwned.
  32. I love RPGs (Zelda is my favorite)
  33. has played/owned more than ten video game consoles starting from ATARI.
  34. I have more than 2 blogs and it gets updated regularly.
  35. I have been blogging for ten years.
  36. I have joined more than 15 forums and were active in all of them.
  37. Know the Konami code, and where to use it. (↑, ↑, ↓, ↓, ←, →, ←, →, B, A)
  38. Have at least 50 of the skills listed here
  39. I have collected comic books and have had it mint condition. ( Gen 13, WildC.A.T.S)
  40. Knows who Whilce Portacio, J. Scott Campbell and Jim Lee is.
  41. Have gone to at least two anime conventions and has been expected to appear in specific costumes for said conventions
  42. Can build her own computer and maintain it.
  43. Has been won several school contests including: essay writing, public speaking, grammar wars, spelling bees and bible quizzes.
  44. Wants her own dollfie
  45. Knows how to split, join and download files off the internet (yes, even streaming content)
  46. Knows how to use and create subtitles.
  47. Is excited everytime a new and better codec comes out.
  48. Cannot live without the internet
  49. Has multiple e-mail addresses.
  50. Translates/Transcribes mangas.
  51. was a founding member of a fansub team that Translates and Subtitles Japanese TV shows 🙂
  52. Has been featured on more than one podcast for cosplaying and Have been interviewed for a major site  for cosplaying.
  53. Can explain and track the journey of the Fellowship of the Ring.
  54. Knows the VOLTES V, DIAMOS and SHAIDER  theme song by heart
  55. Can pick out the idols in every Japanese TV shows and is updated about them.
  56. Can differentiate between MB and GIGS.
  57. Has a 300 Gig hard drive that’s full of J-dramas and movie
  58. knows all the names of the dwarves in the Hobbit.
  59. knows who Glorfindel is.
  60. Has read the Silmarillion and other Tolkien Books.
  61. have written fantasy novels.
  62. Made herself a Gryffindor Scarf
  63. Has had Star Trek Marathons ( LOVE WIL WHEATON and DATA!)
  64. is a fan of the Goonies (and can recite the opening lines to the movies)
  65. Knows what the Newsies are.
  66. Can sing all the songs to at least 3 Broadway musicals
  67. create fanart
  68. Make web layouts, Photoshop Brushes and wallpapers of fandoms
  69. know what 4chan is and have been on them
  70. Understands HTML, CSS and PHP.
  71. Has an account with
  72. Was a member of a Debate Team
  73. is stopping herself from playing FFXIV online.
  74. Knows what a Galka and a Tarutaru is and have Galka and Tarus as best friends.
  75. Wants a Moogle for Christmas.
  76. Was psyched to meet up with Naruto Movie’s Director
  77. Knows Pikminlinkpersonally. (she stole my brownies)
  78. Has an MMORPG Character Blog (or two)
  79. Has a separate blog for fanfiction
  80. Has made and owned a community for fanart
  81. Has her own webcomic
  82. Has her own video review blog
  83. has a signature costume ortwo
  84. Has a deviantart account
  85. can make cool plushies likethese
  86. can sew her own kimono from scratch and knows the proper way to wear it.
  87. Can name at least five 80s cartoons and at least two characters from each.
  88. Lined up for more than two hours to get a signature on a T-Shirt for my sister who loves Michael Rosenbaum. ( SERIOUSLY)
  89. Is a jejebuster. I HATE JEJEMONS!
  90. You know where to find Doogie Howser’s blogs
  91. Watch marathons of Mythbusters religiously
  92. Have played magic Cards and Had my own deck of Magic Cards
  93. loves reading encyclopedias and similar literature.
  94. Played Mechwarrior and Was a Loremaster for a Mechwarrior Clan
  95. Knows what PENNY ARCADE is
  96. had a special keyboard/ pc attachment for a game.
  97. My glasses have a grade of 375/375
  98. Writes a blog about being geek
  99. Can write 100 more of these proofs of geekdom.
  100. Has been called “God’s gift to Geek Guys” multiple times.
  101. Is in love with a geek.

If that doesn’t prove anything about my Royal Geekiness, I don’t know what will…



A 30 something fangirl, writer, artist and dreamer, a princess by day and ninja by night who believes in magic, true love and wants to change the world one brush stroke at a time. Marikit is a self-taught artist learning more about art and the world around her.

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