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Defending the Caveman on our 2nd Month

It was a night surely to remember. I got dolled up to see Zim for our 2nd monthsary date. We were going out for dinner and a play. Yes, a stage play. No, it’s not a musical. (But we are planning to get tickets to Xanadu and other musicals soon. )  It’s a one man comedy show entitled DEFENDING THE CAVEMAN.  

I have been excited for this date since he told me we got tickets.  I could NOT wait.  I haven’t been to a stage play in a long time and this is the first time someone is going to take me out on a date like this.  For me, that’s 1,000 pogi points. JACKPOT! To me that also meant a lot, since Zim — well he’s not your sensitive guy, he’s not very romantic ( and he admits it) and so I am thrilled.

We met up in Greenbelt at Kitchen.  It’s easily one of my favorite restaurants in Greenbelt. Why? Well… for one, cozy place. You feel like you’re well,in your kitchen. It’s great for catching up and dates. It serves great food for a reasonable price. (Asian and European inspired dishes with a twist). Each plate only cost an average of 200-250 bucks and it’s huge plates and a plate could probably feed two of me. 🙂

I personally adore the White Bay dish, but today I tried their pesto. Well it was meh… I should have gotten the White Bay. Luckily, I was on a diet and I was full. Zim had a Lazy Oaf (Chicken and Rice dish) and a Swirl Around (Pumpkin Soup). The soup was amazing, I didn’t try the rice though.

Because it was a great place to talk, Zim and I ranted off. It’s what we do when we get together. We caught up after a couple of weeks of not seeing each other and enjoyed dinner.

After dinner we tramped over to RCBC for the show. We got there in time for seating so it was good timing. Once we got to pick our seats (it was free seating), we settled in.  The show started shortly and I watched Zim for his reaction to the whole thing.

I knew that he liked plays, but I knew that this one would be special. He had the same snarky kind of humor that the play evokes.

Joel Trinidad did an amazing job. I enjoyed every moment from the caveman video to the end of it. What he said was the truth! The plain and honest truth. Men and women ARE different cultures. There were times during the play where Zim would ask me, “Am I like that?” It was cute.

After the show we took a quick pass at Camille’s  to see her and an old friend I haven’t seen in 12 years. Ella Atienza. Suddenly it was a reunion of 4C, our class in CSA Makati.  It was eerie that after all these years, we still all practically look the same. Except Cams is preggy, Ella has longer hair and Zim and I were not seatmates but dating.

It was a great night. Simple and sweet and it’s the kind of night I would remember for a very very long time. Thanks again, Zim! Happy 2nd Month!



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