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I voted

This is a play by play of my voting experience. I feel that this is a historic day day for Philippines so I wanted to keep a log of everything that happened to me today. 🙂  It is a day of change. The first Automated elections in the Philippines.

It was an early morning for me.  I went to the precinct at around 8:00 am. I even got a little lost because my dad showed us our old voting precinct beforehand. Glad I researched my precinct number and I know the name of the school I am going to. Once I got to Seven Seas Academy ( which is so hidden deep inside a  village), I did the sign of the cross for guidance. This was it.

It’s 8:00 AM. I checked my name on the voter’s list. I was glad to find myself, mom and dad’s name on precinct 112-A. It was easy. I got my number slip and found out I was voter number 275. They were calling number 70. Alright, 200 more to go. I stepped inside the waiting room, it was nice and cool with fans and chairs.  I settled in quickly.

Inside, I  looked around me, people were patiently waiting for their turn for voting.  Outside, the place was a mess. The crowd was  gathered outside the classroom instead of the waiting room. There were people even trying to bypass the system and trying to get in first, because they know the watchers.

8:15 AM –  The Crowd was getting thicker. It makes me wonder what time I would finish. Yet I remain patient, calm and observant. There were two little girls  here around aged 8 and 5, I asked them what they were doing here.

Marikit: Neng, bakit andito kayo?

Girl 1: Iniintay ko si nanay, bumoboto siya.

Marikit: bakit kayo sumama?

Girl 2: kasi gusto ko makita yung automatic election.

Marikit: *smiles*

Girl 1: sabi ni mommy, importante daw po e. Pipili daw kami ng bagong presidente kasi pangit daw yung si Gloria.

Marikit: Sino ba ang gusto ninyong maging presidente?

Girl 2: Sabi ni mommy, SULONG GIBO!

Girl 1: kayo po?

Marikit: pareho tayo. *apir*

8:30 am- It was clear that this is going to be a slow and long wait. There was confusion and disarray because of the people who were trying to get ahead of the system. It was annoying. Yet, it was the people themselves who fixed  the system. I helped out when the voters themselves organized themselves into lines and numbers. Some voters acted as volunteers, watching and telling off people who try to get ahead.

The impatient ones were told off. People watched carefully and started to respect the system.

8:45 AM- The line is now moving more swiftly. I am now talking to a woman who was voter #200.  She owns a sari-sari store in Bayan Luma. She was my former neighbor.

These are things I have overheard.

“Akala ko hightech na! May automated na! Bakit andaming sumisingit? Mali yan! Pagsabihan yan!”

Lalong tumagal, di bumilis.

Wala naman sa systema ang problema, walang kasalanan ang PCOS. Kasalanan yan ng tao wala kasing disiplina. kung meron naman, siguro di magkakaganyan.

Siguro kailangan ng megaphone or mic para madali ang pagtawag ng botante.

Madali ang bumoto basta disciplinado.

I became pro-active and helped the volunteers, most of them were Lakas-Kampi-CMD and LP.

9:00 am –  The lines are clear and clean. The voters themselves organized themselves. They called out the senior citizens, they assisted, they told off those who want to get ahead.

9:30 AM – The negativity of people is crazy. People started to give up. I spoke  up. People listened. This is what I said.

“If we wouldn’t give it a chance, what other chances are we going to take? Hindi ba tayo handa sa pagbabago? Should we go back to manual elections and let the cheaters rule? Ayoko.”

Most of them agreed, some clucked their tongues. I sat back down. I said my piece.

10:00 am- finally in line to vote. I am excited, anxious and totally ready. I am proud of my townsfolk. They can be taught. kaya naman pala.

10:15am- Finished voting. 🙂 I feel good. I have done my part. Off to go home to watch the election.

I feel totally amazed that this year’s election seem alright. I am skeptical but I feel that there is something going on. It is important to people – there is a huge voter turnout and that is the cause of the long lines.  People have been educated, and hopefully ready for a more mature government.

I am praying for a peaceful election and a very positive turnout. I pray for the right people to win. I pray that people will be guided. I pray for our mother country, the Philippines.



A 30 something fangirl, writer, artist and dreamer, a princess by day and ninja by night who believes in magic, true love and wants to change the world one brush stroke at a time. Marikit is a self-taught artist learning more about art and the world around her.

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