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The Calm Before the Storm

It’s too quiet. The silence is killing me. Though my ears and eyes are grateful for the lack of annoying political ads and jingles, I feel restless. Waiting for the elections is painful . I am so  anxious and worried right now about the state of the nation after this battle that I feel that I am waiting in position, ready to take aim and fire just before a great war. This is the calm before the storm and so many questions, thoughts and feelings are pent up inside me and jumbled up that I want to scream.

My worries include  the basic Who will win the elections? to  Will we have to go to work on Tuesday? It could be as shallow as  Should I wear shorts tomorrow ? to What will happen to our country after? Will there be martial law or war? Will the PCOS machine work?

This is it. The stage is set for tomorrow’s  National and Local Elections. God willing, they it would be CLEAN, HONEST and HASSLE-FREE. I am hoping that things will be alright tomorrow and for the days to come.

I am scared because this elections is serious. The future of our country and my future children are at stake. Therefore, my worries also include:

  • Having 6 years of NA  and his yellow noose, I’d rather hang myself. Seriously. I wouldn’t take it. I do not want a moron to lead our country. I do not want someone who doesn’t think for himself or someone who will give 50-80% of his powers to the Vice- President to win. I am not stupid.  My friend Jake Navasca said this:

“What i’m afraid most is if Noynoy turn out the same way how Cory turned out during her presidency; military coup, not living up to expectations, then military coup again.”

  • I am worried that 6 years of the orange dude with the check sign might push our country to swim in an ocean of debt. In realty, we were taught this: What’s in it for me? I am scared about what’s in it for Mr. Villar.
  • 6 years of the Red Ranger might make our country look like an angry mob. He has good intentions, just a bad temper and mouth. Stop talking so much.
  • 6 years of Erap?! Are you kidding?!?! We just suffered through his impeachment, why again do we want to do that? He’s like stubborn acne. He doesn’t know when to give up. Annoying. really.
  • I am praying fervently for the man in GREEN. We need a man like him to lead us out of this dump. He is the most capable and intelligent. We should believe in him.

I fear that the Filipinos are acting like babies again and going for what is shiny and flashy instead of candidates who have intellect and skill. It really isn’t about the marketing nor the celebrities. It is about what we believe in and if we are politically mature to choose a leader that we would not regret to have chosen.

In this calm before the storm, I am hoping that people would think, meditate and pray that their votes would count. Let us be smart voters this year. Let us go out and use our right of suffrage. Let us vote for the person who we believe can lead our motherland. Remember that we are not only voting for the next 6 years, this vote is for the future of our children.

again thanks to Jake Navasca for his input!



A 30 something fangirl, writer, artist and dreamer, a princess by day and ninja by night who believes in magic, true love and wants to change the world one brush stroke at a time. Marikit is a self-taught artist learning more about art and the world around her.

3 thoughts on “The Calm Before the Storm

  1. Maia, we all feel your worries and anxiety just waiting for the outcome of tomorrow’s election. There are many concerns and issues at stake in this election, such as the economy, government corruption, health care, security from internal threats, and education just to name a few. We know who the best person is who can address and deal with these issues and concerns, and that person is Gibo. But in a democratic system, others might disagree with our assessment, whether for valid reasons or not, as to who should be our next Head of State to address these concerns. We can influence their views, but we cannot control their decisions, in the same way that they cannot control our decisions.

    What we can control, however, is how we conduct ourselves and how we react to the outcome of this election. Should our bet win, and God knows I’m praying for his victory, it will be the most gratifying episode that all thinking voters will ever experience. It will be a victory of reasons over blind emotions. It will be a joyous occasion for each and every single volunteer and supporter who have endured endless hours of campaigning and hard work. But, as we all know that a victory in elections, feeling the gratifications of victory, and joyous celebration still do not guarantee anything except maybe that one man has won. On the morning after, we still have the lagging economy, a broken educational system, a health care system that is below mediocrity, unabated corruption in our government, and continued terror and insurgency being waged from our foot to our forehead of this archipelago.

    Should Gibo emerge victorious in this contest, undoubtedly our hopes will be as high as Mount Everest. If he losses, there is the specter that we might even lose hope. We might lose hope of the electoral process, the democratic system, the public and private institutions of a democratic society; and we might even lose hope of one another as citizens of this great nation.

    And herein lies the true danger of this electoral exercise. Because in the midst of having the lagging economy, a broken educational system, a mediocre health care system, and the continued insurgency, the only thing that has kept this nation afloat is the people’s desire to a continued hope; A hope for a better government, a hope for better schools, a hope for unity, a hope for a better tomorrow and a brighter future for our children. It is in these hopes in which the poor and the rich cling to and gather their strength from to continue fighting for a better nation.

    Aside from the automated system (and the problems that it may bring), tomorrow’s electoral exercise will be no different from same electoral exercise from the years past. One person will be declared the winner, some will protest, and the rest will be declared losers. But despite how many electoral exercises that this nation may go through or whatever the outcome of those exercises may be, there is one thing that we as a people cannot afford to submit to a defeat; and that is our collective will to hope for a better tomorrow. For to do so would be a great start of our collective epic downfall as a Filipino.

    1. Thank you for your thoughts, Jake. You know that I always appreciate it. What you said is true (and could be a great blog entry) but yes, I agree whole heartedly.

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